Have you ever wondered why the squat favorite exercise of all people who want tight body?
The secret is that this simple exercise tightens the buttocks, thighs, hamstrings, thighs, and even your abs!

So, if you want to completely tighten in less than a month ago, accepting a challenge that was published portal Buzz-feed – takes 27 days, every day should be set aside 10-15 minutes, doing squats with only a gradual increase of the number of repetitions, and in no time you will have the line for the beach!
Start with 10 squats, every subsequent doing 5 more than the previous day. Every 6th day of rest completely, do not do anything, and the seventh continue where you left off fifth – the fifth day to do 30 squats, and the same seven days.
Exercise without movement which tightens every muscle – The quickest way to the sculpted body!

Following a day of rest is the twelfth day, while the 13th continue with 50 squats, you have worked and 11 days. Increase the number of squats for five to rest on the 18th day, and the nineteenth continue with 70. The last day of vacation on the 24th day, and the next three days after that you’re doing 90, 95 and 100 squats.

Do not immediately scare numbers and give up. When you arrive, but up to 50 squats, you can make two batches after 25 Do as you easier, but it is important to persevere!
As the days go by, you will slowly get into shape and you actually do not be so hard to do a series of, for example, 50 squats.

The proper position for the squat
It is very important that the exercises are performed correctly, how to avoid injury and to make the results as good as possible. First stop in the straddle stand, look right and back straight. Fully extend your arms at shoulder level, feet spread shoulder width also in the crouch.
A single exercise to firm butt – According to the form of the buttocks!

Be sure to slide and lift using your buttocks and abdominal muscles, not your knees, because it can come to serious injuries. When you squat knees should be “thrown” over the foot.

Source: HealthAnalyzer



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