How many times happened that morning look in the mirror and like what you see, and already in the afternoon or evening, you notice how your stomach looks about twice as much?
The reason for this is your daily habits that cause bloating, and thereby visually increase the stomach, writes If you want to within just six days reduce float around the waist and jump to a favorite piece of clothing without fear, observe the following rules:

Reduce salt intake
Food to have a richer flavor, but this spice retains water in the body causing a feeling of bloating, and thus increases your abdomen. So, salty snacks and fast food are over the next six days is prohibited.

Reduce your intake of carbohydrates
White bread for breakfast, rice or pasta for lunch, many are part of the daily diet. But these foods are full of carbohydrates, and not a friend of your lines is not the stomach, and therefore remove them from your diet. For breakfast rather eat foods rich in protein such as eggs and cheese, and lunch emphasis put on the vegetables or, if you prefer rice, prepare integral advised If you still can not get through without bread, consume one without flour.

Forget the milk

Lactose intolerance can cause problems with digestion and a strong sense of bloating. If you are not sure that you belong to this group, you should try at least for a week to remove milk from the diet. Coffee rich soy or almond milk, a cup of milk instead of yogurt drink.

Do not eat all the fruit
Although the fruit healthy, some of these tasty fruits can cause bloating. Apples, watermelon, banana, pear or melon are very delicious fruits, but are more difficult to digest and may cause gas, and thus emphasize your belly. Therefore prefer to dial citrus such as lemon and orange, as well as berry fruits of the forest.

Say ‘no’  to hot spices

Hot spices stimulate the secretion of gastric acid which can cause bloating and stomach hard. Although they are healthy, skip them for a week, but rather reach for a lighter spices such as basil, oregano, thyme …

Cut out sugar, alcohol and fried foods

SAP stands for three things that your body does not like: sugar (refined), alcohol and fried foods, although you may adore. These are not the friends of your lines and therefore you, if you want a flat stomach, certainly should avoid them.

Source: HealthAnalyzer



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