Simple natural remedies for cancer!!

Although cancer is considered a complex disease, it is important to realize that cancer diseases are “symptoms” and “tip of the iceberg.”

In order body can allow a hosting and growth of cancer cells, it is necessary to weaken the immune system, increase the toxicity of the body, and also requires a significant lack of nutrients in the body.


The results of scientific research show that there are over a hundred known and effective drugs against cancer and also the read only part of those very simple medicines that can make a real miracle in the treatment of cancer.

Baking soda

A mixture of one tablespoon baking soda and juice made from organic lemon 2.5 deciliters water that will be consumed several times a day, successfully reduces the acidity in the body, and it is known that cancer cells can not grow in an alkaline environment.


“Sanguinaria canadensis”

Or “Bllodroot” is a perennial herb that contains alkaloids called “Sanguinarin”. It is a herb that destroys cancer cells and not damage healthy human cells. It can be used orally or applied to the skin, as a remedy for skin and other external forms of cancer.



It is a healing mushroom in laboratories studying for years. Scientists have shown that chaga alters the immune system and has many anticancer properties.


Vitamin D

Check the level of vitamin D in the blood and its balance can help in prevention against cancer and help fight against cancer. A 2006 study showed that low amounts of vitamin D were associated with a reduced level of survival of cancer patients who are struggling with the disease in postmenopausal.


Herbal tea “Essiac”

The original blend of tea is an old recipe of Indians and natives in this same people used hundreds of years. Canadian nurse learned from the Indians for their recipe for tea and it began to share with patients who fought cancer, and then they started incredibly quickly recover and heal. Tea is a combination of several anticancer herbs that purify the body. Is that patients need to do is consumption of tea several times a day.


Linseed oil and young cheese

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German bio-hemichakra and doctor meaningful natural way to treat the cancer with a positive result in 90% of cases in the period of 50 years. The combination of flaxseed oil and younger neiscedeno cheese contributes essential fatty acids in the body and lipo-proteins that reduce tumors and renewed health.



Cannabis oil “Cannabis sativa”

Cannabinoids in cannabis oil kills cancer cells, just as other herbal preparations not destroy healthy cells. There are numerous scientific studies that have confirmed as cannabis oil is important in the treatment of many cancers, including breast cancer.



85% of the human world population has too little iodine in the body. Because increasing the quantity and production of estrogen in the human body which has iodine deficiency, people have to follow the level of iodine in the blood, in order estrogen not create mutations in the cells and to increase the creation of cysts and tumors so all hormonal contraceptives are extremely carcinogenic.



Melatonin is a potent inhibitor of creating cancer cells. In fact, laboratory studies have shown that melatonin “them makes you drowsy” cells of breast cancer and reduces the level of growth of 70%. Melatonin also prevents the negative effect of estrogen that the body enter the environment through the consumption of milk, meat, dairy products and seafood.



This vegetable is incredibly important because of its anti-cancer properties. Broccoli contains sulforofarni that not only kill cancer cells, but also prevent their growth and expansion in the body, and this is the case for many types of cancer.


There are hundreds of known natural remedies for cancer and they saved countless human lives worldwide. Of course, treatment of cancer must also covers the health of the body as a whole. The change in rhythm and lifestyle and food habits are essential to defeating this disease because cancer is a symptom, not a cause.

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