Tips on how to lose weight for the new year

With the new year just days ways, many folks might be putting some thought into what resolution they’ll be looking to keep.

One of the most common resolutions, losing weight.

Doctor Victor Gong from 75th Street Medical in Ocean City says folks can jump start their weight loss by cutting back on bad habits, such as eating fast food.

Gong recommends that people eat three meals a day and keep track of what they eat.

As for exercise, Gong recommends exercising frequently and varying your workout routine.

“Weight loss does not have to be difficult and it’s not a one day thing or one week thing. Always try to think about being healthy and the positive benefits of being healthy,” says Dr. Victor Gong.

Dr. Gong also recommends that folks make realistic goals. He says if folks follow these tips they can expect to lose about one to one and half pounds a week.

Source: WMDT



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