LeBron James Soared Through The Air And Finished This Massive Dunk Against Utah

In the first game of the Kyle Korver era, the Cleveland Cavaliers encountered a big-time test in the form of a road game against the Utah Jazz. While Utah entered the game with a strong win-loss record, the Jazz have been even better than you might expect when at full health and nothing is ever easy in Salt Lake City. Still, having LeBron James on your side is always a nice thing and there is nothing quite like the best player in the NBA with a full head of steam.

During the third quarter, James attacked the Utah defense in transition, using his trademark long stride to glide toward the rim. LeBron needed only one dribble to cover the ground from the three-point line to the bucket and, in this case, the Jazz might have helped him out with a path of (very) little resistance. Gordon Hayward looked to be visibly agitated with the defensive effort of his teammates, including Trey Lyles and George Hill, on the play but the end result was James streaking down the center of the lane without obstacle.

LeBron James doesn’t need the help of any defense in order to get the job done. When he is given even slight assistance, the results are usually jaw-dropping and this dunk would qualify given the power and grace that James displayed.

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