Gisele Bündchen’s epic celebration as husband Tom Brady wins his fifth Super Bowl

AS celebrations go, did Tom Brady’s wife, the international model Gisele Bündchen, go just a little too hysterical at his fifth Super Bowl triumph?

Bündchen went wild at the New England Patriots’ improbable come-from-behind victory in overtime at Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas.

The 36-year-old Brazilian screamed with delight and shook her hair, all while making sure she filmed herself on her mobile.

Gisele Bündchen films herself going wild as her husband Tom Brady’s Patriots win a dramatic Super Bowl. Picture:

She was also filmed wilding gesticulating with her arms at the overtime win.

The fact that the pictures are yet to surface on her social media accounts might be due to the fact that she dropped the phone.

Brady became the first quarterback to win five Super Bowl titles after engineering an incredible comeback from the Patriots, who were down 21-0 at one point.

Christinie Brown on Twitter referred to Bündchen as “hella amped” after the win.

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