Jay Cutler NFL free agency: Chicago Bears outcast goes from $16 million a season as QB to unemployment

JAY Cutler is still looking for work nearly a month after being released by the Chicago Bears, but at least one NFL head coach believes the 33-year-old quarterback has a lot left in the tank.

Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase, who was Cutler’s former offensive coordinator for one year in Chicago, thinks the QB – who made $US16 million for his last Bears season – can still be a starter in the league and doesn’t understand why his reputation has taken such a hit over the years.

“My experience with him was very good,” Gase said at the owners meetings, via ESPN.

“I don’t get all the hatred towards him. I see a guy that worked hard and did everything he could to help his team win. He sacrificed his body.

“To me, he was an athletic quarterback that can throw the ball. When you got to third down you could call the worst play possible and he would get the conversion. He made a lot of things that we did look really good. I think he has a lot to offer a team.”

Jay Cutler, formerly of a $16m per season contract.

Jay Cutler, formerly of a $16m per season contract.Source:AP

Gase should have fond memories of Cutler. The veteran quarterback had a bounce-back year in 2015 under Gase, throwing just 11 interceptions a year after leading the league in picks. A thumb injury last year limited Cutler to just five games, ending his eight-year run in Chicago.

Despite the success he’s had with Cutler, Gase ruled out the Dolphins having any interest in him.

“I had a very brief text message exchange with him [this offseason] just saying that if he needs anything to holler at me,” Gase said.

“I guess it was more if you’re going somewhere and you need to know about it – any organization or coaching staff – just holler at me and I’ll give you what I know. I’ve never brought up anything about coming with us (to Miami) because I like our situation. I love Jay, but I do like the situation we’ve got going on right now at our place.”

Jay Cutler is yet to get another NFL gig.

Jay Cutler is yet to get another NFL gig.Source:AP

Apparently, Cutler is taking to being out of work with aplomb – if this bizarre Instagram post from his wife is anything to go by:

The post has led to a whole new round of Cutler bagging on social media:

Then there was this all-time takedown rant from ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith:

“He is a joke”

“He is a horrible quarterback”

“He sucks the life of guys around him”

“He’s the worst quarterback in football”

“We literally have evidence of him quitting on his team”

“The quicker they get rid of him, the better”

“The only time he smiled in Chicago is when he signed his contract”

“This dude doesn’t want it”

“He is the worst leader in the NFL”

Hey – with Cutler having banked an incredible $US90,439,999 over his 11 NFL seasons, maybe he’ll be more than happy to stay retired.

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