Bikers From Trump Deliver Devastating Blow To Anti-Trump Thugs…

Last week, UC Berkeley canceled Ann Coulter’s appearance on campus because of her ‘controversial’ conservative views. Now, Bikers for Trump are making it clear that aren’t going to take this censorship.
According to BB4, Bikers for Trump founder Chris Cox appeared on Fox Business Network to discuss Berkeley’s decision. While on air, Cox said his group is ready to take action.

“I didn’t see an upside in coming to Berkeley and standing toe to toe with twinkle toes and butter cups,” Cox told Stuart Varney. “We are certainly not looking for a fight. We are here on the defense, not the offense.”

Cox notes that he met with Berkeley police to discuss their plan of action moving forward, emphasizing the need for peace.

“From what I understand, any rumors that they’ve been told to stand down will be squashed today,” Cox said. “They are not going to allow this disobedience, they are not going to allow the ski masks we’ve been seeing around the country, so we still have a presence here at Berkeley today. We don’t want to do anything that is going to give us a public relations black eye. We’ve stayed within the framework of the law and I intend that protesters will continue to stay within the framework of the law.”

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Source: AmericanNews



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