BREAKING: Trump Issues Terror Attack Warning. Please Beware.

As liberals and the mainstream media continue to bury their heads in the sand, radical Islamic terrorists continue to plot our destruction. The mainstream media hates to admit the truth.

Trump’s State Department has sent the world a warning. On Monday, the Trump Administration issued a travel alert telling travelers that Europe faces “continued threats of terrorist attacks.” (via Washington Examiner)

The mainstream media is going to bury this story. They cannot admit that there is a radical Islamic terrorist problem, because it would ruin their narrative. They don’t want people to be aware of the truth.

The Left would rather risk the lives of innocent Americans than address the problem. Liberals hate acknowledging that they are wrong. They have tried to shove this “there is no radical Islam” lie down our throats for too long.

We are not going to willfully close our eyes to real threats. These radical Islamic terrorists are living within our country and spreading Sharia Law. This is not the America our Founding Fathers envisioned.

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to stand up against these radical Islamic extremists. We need to support Trump as he cracks down on radical Islam. We are a strong nation, not a cowardly nation.

The Obama era welcomed radical Islamic extremists into our neighborhoods, but now things are going to change. We will not accept these anti-American policies anymore. We will not succumb to extremists.

The American people deserve a president like Donald Trump. We will finally secure our borders and push back against illegal immigration and radical Islamic terrorists.

We will build that wall. We need to protect our borders from invasion and threats. The Left ignores these threats too often, and we have all suffered because of it. We cannot allow the Left to continue to harm our nation.

The liberals will do everything to smear our fellow conservatives. We need to remain vigilant against the leftist threats sponsored and paid for by George Soros. Soros will do anything to spread his globalist views.

Globalism is toxic to American values. Because of globalism, our culture has been drowning and our borders are exposed. We need to reject globalism and embrace traditional American values.

We need to hold the liberals and the globalists accountable for our weakened nation. At least we have Donald Trump to make America great again. We will push back against these anti-American liars.

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