BREAKING: Sarah Palin IN JAIL After Run In With This Liberal…

When Governor Sarah Palin came face-to-face with liberal loser Lena Dunham, the two exchanged words. Palin, who is well known to be rational and passionate about her beliefs, told Dunham she had no problem with her having her own beliefs as long as she didn’t try to push them on others. That was when things got ugly.

Dunham abandoned the debate and instead asked Palin how it felt to “raise a fake Christian whore.” She was obviously referring to Bristol Palin, one of the favorite targets of the left. Palin decided she didn’t want anything to do with the conversation at that point and instead clocked Dunham in the face, knocking her unconscious for about 15 seconds.

The incident, which occurred in a private boutique in Los Angeles, was caught on video that is now in the hands of the Los Angeles Public Attorney, who says he has no choice but to prosecute Palin for assault. Accounts of the incident came from Rajesh Monsami, the owner of the boutique, who told reporters:

“Mrs. Palin tried very hard to not engage. She was taunted. I will testify on her behalf.”

Bristol Palin said she will comment on her blog.

Will you stand for Sarah Palin? She’s being held in the LA county Jail. Call your congressman and tell them you want her to be released and the liberal who egged her on charged instead!

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