Trump Tweet Slams Media for Not Examining DNC ‘Dealings With Russia,’ Refusal to Cooperate With FBI

President Donald Trump wrote a couple of disconnected tweets on Sunday morning, with the most newsworthy one, the first, having its sights set on the Democratic Party:

It’s not exactly clear what he’s referring to about Russia and the Democrats. With regards to the Democratic National Committee’s server not being viewed by the FBI after it was hacked, that was actually addressed a few months ago, just not settled. The DNC and the FBI have taken the exact opposite stances, with no solid answer as to what happened.

First, on January 4, Eric Walker of the DNC sent BuzzFeed News an email alleging that the FBI never asked to examine the server, instead, being content to rely on the assessment of private cybersecurity experts at CrowdStrike. A “senior law enforcement official” told CNN the next day that this was false.

The FBI did not respond to requests for comment in the BuzzFeed story, while the DNC did the same in the CNN story. Several days later, Comey echoed the CNN report to the House Intelligence Committee. “We’d always prefer to have access hands-on ourselves if that’s possible,” he said during the hearing.

In spite of what the president tweeted, while there has been no satisfactory explanation as of yet, with both sides telling a story that conflicts the other, this has been reported on.

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