SHOCK: Obama Covertly Did THIS During 2016 Election, Hoped We’d Never Find Out

The Left has been up in arms, protesting President Trump, and essentially throwing childlike temper tantrums while, of course, ignoring facts. When will they learn? Trump is always right — especially when it comes to Obama!

According to World Net Daily, former president Obama actually TRIPLED the number of “unmaskings” during the 2016 election. In case you are unfamiliar, an unmasking occurs when the names of U.S. citizens who were monitored during foreign surveillance activities get released within the intelligence community.

The statistics have been revealed and they are troubling! In 2015, there were 654 unmasking requests. During the 2016 election year, a staggering 1,934 unmaskings were requested by the Obama administration.

The question is: what changed? The simple answer is the Democrats’ certainty of winning the election changed. They realized that Hillary did not stand a chance and that Donald Trump would win the hearts (and votes) of We the People, regardless of how hard the mainstream media hammered him.

A report by attorney John Hinderaker in Powerline included a note worth mentioning. One incident of unmasking does not include just one person. An approved request for an unmasking can include MULTIPLE people.

Within the 1,934 requested unmaskings in 2016, how many PEOPLE were contained in the nearly 2,000 requests? This is something that we need to figure out, because President Trump’s claim about Obama wiretapping him is looking to be true from this case.

There is no rational reason for the change. The election was the only thing that was drastically different. They can try to hide this information all they want, but we WILL get to the bottom of it.

Ironically, Clinton had an interview the other day where she blamed her loss on “Russian WikiLeaks” and James Comey. She forgot to mention the advantages she had — such as getting debate questions early, telling the mainstream media what to probe Trump about, and the countless hours of good publicity she had on the air for seemingly no reason.

Initially, it seemed like the deck was stacked against President Trump. Hillary had everyone in her pocket, but she STILL failed. Her failure sent a message to all of the leftist cronies on Wall Street and in Washington who tried to influence this election. The message sent was: “We are DONE with the nonsense, we are done with the lies, and we are done with the games.”

It is inspiring to see our country stand together. Hillary obviously had Obama helping her with this election. Their goal was to nail President Trump down and potentially intimidate him and his supporters into backing town. His TRUE colors showed, and he proved to the entire nation that the establishment shouldn’t scare us. Even when they spy on us, We the People can defeat them when we unite at the ballot box.

President Trump’s victory is not just a personal victory; it is a victory for every single patriot in this country. We will stand by him and hope that we see a full on investigation into what kind of shady behavior Obama was doing while in the White House. There is certainly enough evidence for an investigation at this point. WE CANNOT WAIT!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement



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