Dr. Peter Pry, the executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, cautioned Sunday that North Korea could be preparing a secret electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States, according to Breitbart. 

“They are positioning themselves as sort of a nuclear missile age, cyberage version of the battleship diplomacy in my view,” Pry said of North Korea on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.”

Adding: “So that they can always have one of them (satellites) very close to being over the United States or over the United States.

Then if a crisis comes up and if we decide to attack North Korea, Kim Jong Un can threaten our president and say, ‘Well, don’t do that because we are going to burn your whole country down

“Which is basically what he said. I mean, he has made threats about turning the United States into ashes and he connected the satellite program to this in public statements to deter us from attacking,” he said.

If you wanted to win a New Korean war, one of the things you would certainly consider doing is taking out the United States homeland itself.”

This isn’t the first time Pry has warned of North Korea’s EMP capability. Last week, he derided NPR for “ignorantly” dismissing the possibility of an attack, saying that despite their failed missile launches, “North Korea’s nuclear threats are not mere bluster. We should tread carefully.”

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