Michelle Malkin Rips Stephen Colbert A New One For His Disgusting Attack On Trump

Like many of us, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin was outraged over Stephen Colbert’s anti-Trump ‘joke.’ In his attack on Trump, Colbert spoke directly to the president, saying that he had “more people marching against you than cancer. The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c**kholster.”

The joke angered a lot of people from both sides of the political aisle. Members of the LGBTQ community called the joke ‘homophobic.’ Now, Colbert is being investigated by the FCC.

“I really don’t know how much lower these clowns in late-night can get,” Malkin said in an interview with Sean Hannity. “I don’t want them to be filtered, I don’t want them to be censored. I want them to keep showing America how hate-filled and how vile and how filthy so much of their thinking about public discourse in America really is.”

“There was a time when late-night comedy could appeal to a broad demographic of people in America and, you know, whether it was stupid pet tricks or talking about doing pranks on your kids at Halloween or the bread and butter of so much of late-night TV: having on fellow celebrities to chat about the tinsel-town fluff,” she continued. “But, no, no. These people now, I think, believe so much of their own press…where do these people get off thinking that we actually care about their opinions on serious policy matters?”

Do you agree with Malkin?

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Source: AmericanNews



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