Judge Jeanine Pirro fought back tears last night on her television show as she shared news of a phone call she received this week.

“At 10:32 A.M. today I received a phone call from President Donald J. Trump who has known me since my time as a county judge and elected district attorney. He stated that he looks forward to beginning the process of making America great again. And he thanks Justice [Jeanine] and all her viewers for their support.”

This is proof of how great America is going to be. While people on both sides are ranting and raving, Trump has gotten to work, just like he did during his campaign.

He is reaching out personally to those who can help make real change happen, to thank them, and to discuss getting to work.

America is embarking on a journey of unity and Trump is working to be inclusive and gather together the best of the best to work on the issues facing the nation. Healthcare, jobs, taxes, and disenfranchisement, are among the issues which have been dragging our country down.

Trump is working to be a President to all, and even those who don’t think they matter, or who have been told they are uneducated, deplorable, racist, or anything else unsavory.

Our movement will make the country strong. Our nation will soon be a place where there are jobs and people work those jobs. Where those working aren’t taxed to death to pay for those who aren’t. Where healthcare isn’t free, but is affordable.

Pirro said this isn’t an election, but a revolution, it is getting our country back for all of us. We are working together to make America great again.

Yes change is scary, but by working together and going back to the Constitution and the roots of the country, and remembering why people came to America – to be free to worship God, to work, to build a family, and a future – great things can happen again. There is room at the table for all.

That is why Trump is working to include all walks of life in his cabinet, why he thanked Hilary Clinton for her service and contribution to America, and why he will make sure that all voices are heard.

This is the movement that people wanted to see, and it is why they voted for Trump. They needed to feel that their vote, their voice, and their opinion mattered. They do not want to be put down and called ignorant by the Democrats any longer.

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