Don’t you just love Hollywood? Self-righteous actors obsessed with themselves and their pseudo-scientific political agendas. Every mildly-attractive former cheerleader believing they can be the next Audrey Hepburn. But, it gets better (he said, sarcastically)… TMZ reported that a golden toilet, fit for King Midas and his golden lumps, was present at President Donald Trump’s Hollywood star this past weekend.

In fact, the tabloid got exclusive shots of the toilet that later surfaced on their social media. Instantly, the throne meant to make an apparent statement of protest to Trump and his presidency went viral.

Though the intention of the toilet’s being is still unknown, local law enforcement authorities have ruled out vandalism as the intention of the action.

The toilet sported the invitation to “Take A Trump,” on the tank; however, based on the photos obtained by TMZ, was later smashed. TMZ also indicated that the bowl had, “something wet and gross” inside it. Local law enforcement has also not investigated the defacing of the “protest art piece.” Actually, there has been no inquiry into the incident, from any perspective, as of Monday.

The golden toilet incident is only the latest of incidents that have resulted in the defacement of Donald Trump’s Hollywood star.

Back in April, one disgruntled anti-Trumper wrote “F— Trump” with a marker on the star. That was followed just months after the star was destroyed – by a man impersonating a Los Angeles city construction worker – through means of a sledgehammer and pick ax. It was replaced immediately after.

Trump was awarded his Hollywood star in 2007 for his work on “The Apprentice” by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The chamber is the organization that maintains the Walk of Fame tourist attraction stunting the walks of some of Hollywood’s busiest streets.

Over 10 million people see the Walk of Fame, as of 2010. The Los Angeles Times indicated that the walk, “helps make Hollywood and Los Angeles a destination rather than a brief stop on the way to bigger tourism hubs such as Disneyland or Las Vegas.”

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