The White House has been very open to talking about First Lady Melania and Barron Trump. And now it looks like the two will be joining Donald in Washington D.C., after Barron finishes the school year at his New York City private school.

The Confidential column reported that Barron is excited about living in the White House and is most notably excited about having friends from his private Manhattan school to come visit and spend the night.

“Barron has been asking some of his school friends to come visit him in the White House,” a spokesperson said. “He has said to his parents, ‘I hope there are bedrooms for my friends to come visit.’ ”

Barron wanting his friends come visit sounds more than reasonable — and normal — for an 11-year-old boy. It sounds like he is very excited to show off his new home to his friends for them to see what it looks like. Barron is a very mature young man who has had to take a lot in these past couple months, but it is okay to want to have sleepovers every once in a while.

Multiple sources cite lots of evidence that Melania and Barron are ready for a White House move at the end of Barron’s school year. Decorators are putting final touches on the First Family’s living quarters and should be done by the end of May.

More good news from Barron, “It’s my understanding that Barron will be at the (White House) Easter egg hunt,” a spokesperson stated. What a great thing for Barron to be excited about! It was every kids dream to have sleepovers with their friends and for Barron, he gets to have in the White House.

We are so happy for Barron and the First Family! Are you glad to see Barron enjoying himself so much?

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