First Lady Melania Trump is under attack, and she’s in desperate need of your support.

Bitter liberals hiding behind their computer screens launched a petition to force Melania Trump from her home. Melania chose to remain in New York after the election so her son, Barron, can finish school. 500,000 liberals signed a petition to boot her out.

Melania Trump’s been under constant attack by (supposedly) pro-women liberals ever since her husband took office. These degenerates are showing their true colors by attacking a mother who’s only looking out for her son.

Protecting the first-family is a necessity for the most powerful country on Earth. People could endanger Trump’s inner circle in an effort to coerce the President.

The worst aspect of the petition? It’s based on lies. Not only is protecting the first family normal, but it’s much less expensive than what dishonest liberals would have you believe.

One popular figure making the rounds comes from Ryan Chapman of BOMB magazine. Chapman estimates the cost of protecting Melania and Barron Trump to be more than double the annual budget of the National Endowment for the Arts.

According to Chapman, Melania Trump costs taxpayers close to $350 million per year to protect her New York home. This number is exorbitant, but it has no basis in reality. It’s pure fiction.

New York police reported costs exceeding $127,000 per day to protect the first lady. The majority of this is personnel expenses — in all actual fact, it will only cost about $16.6 million to provide protection for Melania Trump while Barron finishes school.

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