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Security desk: A Self-Inflicted Trump Wound

Eli Lake at Bloomberg sets out to “take a step back and note what the Comey firing is and is not.” While certainly “a self-inflicted wound for the White House,” it doesn’t change the fact that “even Democrats have acknowledged that the FBI still hasn’t found evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.” The “known facts to date do not implicate Trump in anything more than sleazy opportunism during a hard-fought election” — and “presidents don’t get impeached for that.” Perhaps “there is a lot more. But there is also a good chance there isn’t.”

From the right: DeVos Rises Above the Boos

There was nothing silent or symbolic about the protests this week as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos gave the commencement speech at historically black Bethune-Cookman University. On the contrary, reports Alice B. Lloyd at The Weekly Standard, students continuously “shouted steady expressions of dissent.” But DeVos’ speech suggests she was “prepared to be jeered.” She focused on the graduates’ achievements, paid tributes to their parents and saluted the school’s noted founder, Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune. Ironically, DeVos “is just the sort of public figure” Bethune’s memory “should encourage students to engage with respectfully.” Years from now, Lloyd suspects, “more than a few of these students will probably look back on their commencement from Bethune-Cookman and cringe.”

Expert: Real ‘Rape Culture’ Isn’t on Campus

The Left “continues to pump out a series of interlocking lies” about “rape culture,” charges Heather Mac Donald at National Review: It’s “a product of Western civilization” practiced “exclusively by white males, and its most egregious seat” is the US college campus. Her suggestion: “Go to the inner city and confront the routine misogyny and violence directed at females, often by other females.” Like the gang-rape in Chicago last March of a 15-year-old girl that was streamed on Facebook, watched live by 40 people. “Threats, taunts, social-media bullying and physical assaults have been directed at . . . the victim and her family, not at the rapists,” she notes. But when “the victims [are] overwhelmingly black, no one pays attention.”

Diplomatic analyst: Here Comes the Moon

The election of Moon Jae-in as president of South Korea “is reverberating not only across the Korean Peninsula, but throughout Northeast Asia and the United States as well,” says Robert Manning in The Atlantic. His win “almost certainly portends that South Korea will be less in sync with the United States and will pursue more accommodating policies toward North Korea.” Yet “Moon’s quest for reconciliation with the North comes at a time of unprecedented tension on the Korean Peninsula.” So he “faces some dicey issues with the Trump administration.” In short: “US-South Korea relations are in for a rough patch at a dangerous moment in time.”

Law prof: Keep Confederate Monuments

Al Brophy at Newsweek admits there is a “compelling” case for removing public monuments that glorify the Confederacy, as New Orleans now is doing. Especially for those in front of courthouses, which send “inappropriate” signals to African-American litigants and defendants. But he opposes destroying them altogether, because then “the dark years of racial crime will be more easily forgotten.” His suggestion: “Keep those monuments — and add counter-monuments and appropriate interpretations of them — so that everyone remembers that slavery was here in North America for more than 200 years.”

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