JUST IN: Nancy Pelosi To Possibly Be KICKED OUT Of Congress After She Does THIS

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been calling for Donald Trump to be impeached ever since he won the election. Now, one top Republican has had enough.

“Well maybe it’s time we expel Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats from Congress,” Mark Levin stated on his radio show this week. “If they’re going to talk about impeachment, well then we need to talk about expulsion … it’s time to go on offense.”

“They talk about impeachment like it’s no big deal—it is a big deal!” Levin continued on to say. “They don’t really care about the Constitution … it’s about power.”

 Pelosi is already looking at losing her seat in Congress, as her popularity has been declining since she began her nonstop deranged attacks on Trump.
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Source: Zootfeed



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