MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” went off Friday on President Donald Trump’s administration, with one guest saying it is at the “beginning of the end.”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski asked if anyone in the White House could be trusted in the wake of contradictory reports about why Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.

“Who is it in the White House that can be trusted?” Brzezinski said. “Who can be trusted to give a statement to explain where we stand in this administration, to explain that this presidency isn’t falling down on a house of cards with lies written on them?”

“I mean this is a bad situation, and the people in the White House are making it worse by being Trump’s stooges,” Brzezinski continued.

Brzezinski then asked Donny Deutsch for his opinion.

“The optics I see is a guy who’s the accidental dictator,” Deutsch said.

Deutsch went on to criticize Trump and many of his ideas and past comments.

“Actually behaves as a dictator, we can’t call it any other way at this point,” Deutsch continued. “We are in very, very, very dangerous territory here in every way. You feel it. I think everybody right now feels what’s happening. There’s a man sitting in that chair that is frighteningly ill-equipped to understand the office he’s in, to behave within the framework, and this is just the latest example.”

“You can feel the thread being pulled, you can feel the clothes starting to come off the emperor,” Deutsch added. “I believe this is the beginning of the end.”

Brzezinski said she agreed.

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