Trump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB On Hillary – ‘She’s Guilty…’

Hillary Clinton thought she was out of the woods in terms of the FBI’s investigation into her various criminal activities. Now, just days after he fired FBI Director James Comey, President Donald Trump has let her know that she is not off the hook yet.

Daily Mail reported that Trump called Democrats “hypocrites” for flipping their opinion of Comey as soon as he was fired, saying they “should have liked” him for choosing not to prosecute Clinton. Trump went on to slam Comey for giving Clinton a “free pass.”

“They should have liked him,” Trump said. “But because he did what he did for her was unbelievable, with all of the guilty, guilty, guilty, I mean, because – but she’s not guilty.”

“Number one, they’re hypocrites, but it’s beyond being a hypocrite,” Trump said of Democrats. “You have these tremendous, the level of hatred toward him, especially during that period of time with Hillary Clinton where he gave her a free ride.

“I mean, he gave her a free pass like nobody’s ever, ever gotten a free pass,” he added. “And during that period of time, the level of hatred by the Democrats — also the Republicans, to be honest — because first she got a free pass. Then he came out with Comey two, and then he came out with Comey three, and the ultimate thing is, he gave her a free pass. So they should have liked him.”

Trump also said that there’s no evidence that Russia was behind the election hack, something the U.S. intelligence community agrees on.

“There is no collusion,” he said. “We have nothing to do with Russia and everything else. But there is a question, was it Russia, who was it that went in and tried to hack?”

We can only hope that this means Trump will now be free to go after Clinton, and put her in prison where she belongs!

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