The mainstream media, which includes CNN, the NY Times, MSNBC, and others will do everything they possibly can to censor you from anything good about Donald or Melania Trump. They want you to think that they are terrible people by only showing you negative stories.

However, when our First Lady visits a home for ABUSED GIRLS, the media is curiously silent.

Here’s the full report from the Gateway Pundit:

“How does the national media try to control how Americans perceive the Trump presidency? One way is to not report on actions that make the Trumps look good. Take for example the Good Friday visit by First Lady Melania Trump to HomeSafe, a home for abused girls in Lake Worth, Florida,located a few miles south of the the Winter White House at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach where President Trump is spending the Easter weekend with his family.

First Lady Melania Trump visits HomeSafe, photo via HomeSafe.

The First Lady’s visit to HomeSafe was unannounced, however a press release was issued by HomeSafe and several photos were posted online including at the @FLOTUS Twitter account.

Yet, with the exception of the local Palm Beach Post and FootwearNews which focused on the shoes she wore to HomeSafe, no media reported on the First Lady’s visit.”

Thank God we have alternate ways of delivering the truth to the American people. If it wasn’t for the internet, you would probably NEVER hear anything good about the Trumps!

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Source: Ok.infoman24



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