Former President Obama liked to use code words and careful language when pulling the wool over our eyes. Trump, in contrast, is a straight shooter who calls it like it is.

Donald Trump hasn’t shied away from calling radical Islamic terrorism what it is. So, following Trump’s lead, the Pentagon has officially begun calling ISIS by its actually name, not ISIL, IS, Da’esh, or anything else, via Fox News.

Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis explained that the term is the easiest to understand, is most used by the American people, and is what Trump’s administration uses.

The question isn’t why the Pentagon is making this change, but why Obama moved away from the term ISIS in the first place.

On his decision to move away from certain terminology, Obama said, “when we use loose language that appears to pose a civilizational conflict between the West and Islam, or the modern world and Islam, then we make it harder, not easier, for our friends and allies and ordinary people to resist and push back against the worst impulses inside the Muslim world.”

Right, our words are posing the “civilizational conflict,” not the terrorist attacks committed by ISIS. Wow, with all of this great news about Trump, I think I almost forgot how dense Obama is.

ISIS is seeking to destroy us, and you can either confront that reality and do something about it or argue about semantics. Obama’s choice here showed exactly what kind of leader he was — a pathetic one.

It’s just infuriating that Obama put more energy into policing the language of Americans than he did into stopping ISIS. Calling the group something new will not stop its grotesque attacks.

But liberals took to Obama’s perspective quickly. I’ve even heard some liberals argue that Obama didn’t go far enough, and that we should be calling ISIS Da’esh!

Yes, Da’esh is what the group calls itself, but we don’t want to honor them or give their violence any legitimacy. The truth is they are killing and enslaving people simply to expand territory and enforce their extremist religious views on others. I don’t care what they want to be called.

Thankfully, neither does Donald Trump. He has put more effort into stopping ISIS than Obama ever did. And hopefully, in time, none of us will even have to use the term ISIS again except in history lessons, because they will be blown off the face of the earth!
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