ALERT: Democrats Are Getting ARRESTED… It’s Finally Happening!

Major arrests are being made now that the FBI is free to pursue justice once again. It’s about time!

State Department employee Candace Claiborn — once a Clinton employee — has been arrested and charged by the FBI for failing to disclose foreign contacts and making false statements to federal investigators. (via Department of Justice).

Claiborn was originally hired to work for the State Department in 1999 under Bill Clinton. She allegedly started secretly working with foreign agents shortly after Hillary Clinton was appointed Secretary of State.

Following in the footsteps of her boss Hillary Clinton, Claiborn traded influence for personal gain.

Claiborn appeared before a judge last Wednesday and plead not guilty to all crimes, but a mountain of evidence is piling up indicating otherwise.

As a condition of her Top Secret security clearance, Claiborn was required by law to report all contact with anyone she suspected of having ties to a foreign government.

However, Claiborn failed to disclose her long-term contact with agents working on behalf of the People’s Republic of China who rewarded Claiborn with cash and gifts.

In exchange for the gifts, Claiborn was expected to provide access to classified information to the Chinese agents — specifically information about upcoming trade deals.

Over the course of five years, Claiborn received tens of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts, including money being wired directly to her bank account, an Apple iPhone and computer, luxury vacations, an apartment and furniture, a monthly stipend, and much more. The gifts were either given directly to Claiborn, or to an accomplice who has not yet been identified.

Claiborn was caught lying to the FBI as well as instructing her co-conspirator to destroy any evidence of their relationship with the Chinese. Claiborn attempted to mislead the FBI investigators by claiming that the Chinese agents were spies working against her.

In charging Claiborn, the Justice Department, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is attempting to send a warning to other government employees not to abuse the trust granted to them by the American people. Corrupt bureaucrats are finally being put on notice, thanks to President Trump’s insistence that we restore confidence in our system.

If Claiborn is found guilty, she will face up to 25 years behind bars. There’s no telling where else this trail may lead — perhaps to even more Democrats who have lived the high life on their Clinton connection for years. Well, it’s reckoning time, and corruption will no longer be tolerated.

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Source: AngryPatriotmovement



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