BREAKING: Traitor Found.

The liberals are circling over their latest fake news like vultures. They insist Trump leaked secrets to the Russian ambassador. It’s obviously false, but there is a real traitor hiding among our nation’s patriots.

The real traitors are the Washington Post and the New York TimesMainstream media has never cared about the interests of our country, but they just put us all in danger.

If the Washington Post had never run the story, then no one would know what Trump and the Russian ambassador discussed. Yes, the world knows that President Trump wants Russia to be more active in fighting ISIS, but now we know Trump has officially begun to discuss the matter with them.

It’s not like ISIS doesn’t have access to the mainstream media. They are likely preparing for targeting from the Russians as we speak. We had a chance to catch them unawares, but the Washington Post is just too shortsighted to get it.

Look, media, I get it, you’re used to getting all kinds of juicy details from the Democrats, who have paid you to spread whatever they want, whether it’s the truth or a lie, to the American people.

But, there is some information you should not be reporting on. That certainly includes what military actions and concerns our president is discussing. No matter who he is discussing it with.

President Trump and his people have said they didn’t tell Russia anything new. But, even if he did, the media should understand that there is a reason behind the president’s actions. Secrecy is more important than ratings, especially when it comes to intelligence.

We want Russia on our side against the terrorists. Instead of respecting that smart move from our commander-in-chief, the Washington Post actually helped the terrorists.

Then, The New York Times looked at the Washington Post’s blunder and thought, “How can we top that?” They decided to leak the source of the intelligence — letting the world and the terrorists know that the source was Israeli!

Did they leak the source because they hate Israel, because they want to help terrorists, or because they are desperate to beat the Washington Post’s ratings? It’s hard to say, maybe it is a combination of all three. No matter their reasoning, the failing media platform just made themselves traitors.

If they had never reported on the source, terrorists would have had no idea Israelis were behind the intelligence. Now, the New York Times has painted a target on our ally’s back.

The individuals involved in gathering this vital information are now in incredible danger — if they are not dead already.

So we’ve lost the element of surprise, we’ve lost a successful avenue to receive intelligence about terrorism, and we may have even damaged the Israeli nation’s trust. For what? Ratings? No, I think this goes deeper.

I think the mainstream media are traitors to our nation. They actively want to destroy our country, and our chosen president. It’s time we let them know this is unacceptable!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement



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