Former CIA Analyst Just Delivered Terrifying Alert About HUGE Attack Coming At Trump – You Won’t Believe Who’s Behind It

Ever since Donald Trump was elected as president the left has been working overtime to discredit him. They are still fuming that Hillary Clinton who is a part of the establishment lost to an outsider. What is even more aggravating to the left is that no matter how hard they push Trump, he refuses to back down. Trump is not falling for their bullying tactics, but there are reports that it is about to get much worse. 

A couple months ago, we here at Freedom Daily reported that there were numerous leaks in the White House. Retired lieutenant colonel Tony Shaffer, also confirmed that there were numerous “tripwires” throughout the White House that could blow at any given moment. Shaffer also went on to say in the report that these were placed there by the former administration in an effort to take Trump down.

The mainstream media is after President Trump.

This is exactly why conservatives have been saying that President Trump needs to fire everyone around him. These people are clearly against him and until they are gone this will continue to happen. 

Retired lieutenant colonel Tony Shaffer, confirmed the presence of these “tripwires” in an interview on Fox News this past Thursday. Shaffer alleged that “[Senior Adviser] Ben Rhodes laid trip wires for things to go off like booby traps,” Shaffer asserted that Flynn’s demise was one of those tripwires that were “planned by the Obama administration”.

Shaffer also added that Trump needs to clean house in the mid-level and political appointees. While CIA Director Mike Pompeo and other Trump appointees are sharing the information that they receive, there are those that are deciding what information they choose to share or hold back.

“That’s why you need to look at a house-cleaning,” Shaffer said.

This is pure Obama sabotage and it needs to be stopped and fast. These people all need to be fired from their positions and never step foot in the White House again. The left is absolutely determined to bring down Trump and they do not care who is harmed in the process.
As Shaffer said in his blistering commentary, “some of those professionals were selected [during the Obama years] because of their political reliability, not because of their professional ethics.”
That is why it is imperative that Trump clean house from the top to the bottom or these leaks and sabotage will continue.

So, fast forward to what has been happening this week in D.C.

Ever since Trump fired Comey the left has been slobbering all over this like a dog with his favorite bone. They claim that the reason that Trump fired Comey was because he was getting too close to the “truth” about Russia. The mainstream media has been pushing the narrative that Trump was attempting to obstruct the wheels of justice and deserved to be impeached.

So, it should not come as no surprise that they would continue to go after him even harder. And, true to form they did just that by releasing memo’s claiming that Trump urged Comey to stop investigating his former security advisor Michael Flynn.

To catch you up on the entire story in case you’re not clear on the details, Comey told the New York Times that he kept notes about a meeting he had with President Trump when the investigation with Michael Flynn was going on, where the president allegedly asked him to drop the case because Flynn “was a good guy.”

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” Trump told Comey, according to Comey’s record of the meeting, as reported by the Times. “He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

Well, of course, the left jumped all over this like a fat man at a buffet. They have begun to scream again that Trump will be impeached for obstructing justice yet again. Oh, but how wrong they were, and here is why.

But that’s just half of the problem with liberals’ case for impeachment against Trump. If the New York times is basing their entire calls for Trump’s impeachment on Comey’s testimony, there’s one massive issue in the way that Comey went about it. If Trump had in fact “obstructed justice,” why is Comey just now coming forward with this information? Keeping knowledge of a felony is a crime in of itself called “misprision of felony” that could land Comey in PRISON for up to THREE YEARS!

So, last night yet again Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer appeared on Lou Dobbs and said it was clear that the Deep State has declared war on Donald Trump.

Watch what he has to say here.

You heard that right folks, and I fear it is only going to get much worse.

Everyone from the media to those even in the Senate and the House is against Trump. They know that Trump means business and is flushing out these treasonous scum bags one by one.

We need to be out there supporting Trump and beating back these lies that the mainstream media and the left are telling. They are losing their power patriots and we need to keep pushing forward.

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