Trump Just Took Off From Saudi And Everyone Immediately Noticed One Shocking Thing That Happened

President Donald Trump’s two-day trip to Saudi Arabia, as his first stop overseas, has come to an end now that he’s left to continue on to other locations in the Middle East. However, the second Air Force One took off from the runway, everyone immediately noticed one shocking thing that’s never been seen before.

Trump could have picked any place in the world as his first trip overseas but stunned with his choice to go to Saudi Arabia. The last 48-hours have been full of surprises as he, Melania, Ivanka, and Trump’s son-in-law met with Muslim leaders. The Saudis seemed to show a great deal of respect for the president and First Family, who didn’t follow Islamic tradition in Melania and Ivanka not wearing headscarves and none of them bowed to the leaders. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have done in the past.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have always catered to Islam while visiting the Middle East in the past, but there is one thing that has never been done in history before that just happened. Always one to do things his own way however he sees fit, Trump just made history with what he did right upon leaving Saudi Arabia en route to Israel.

The rift between Saudi Arabia and Israel runs deep. These two nations despise each other about as much as Palestine hates Israel. As such, there are no diplomatic relations between Saudi and Israel and planes from each nation are banned from each other’s airspace. Travelers hoping to go to or from Saudi Arabia and Israel have always been forced to detour through a different country, until today when Trump broke the air barrier.

Daily Wire reports:

“In order to travel from one nation to the other requires travelers to take what many call a ‘cleansing stop.’ Often, flyers go to Amman, Jordan, or Cairo, Egypt, before heading on. And travelers who stop in Israel before heading to Saudi Arabia often ask Israeli officials not to stamp their passports (Saudi authorities get visibly unhappy when they see the stamp). Some frequent fliers even have an extra passport so they can keep one clear of the Israeli stamp.”

“That’s what makes President Trump’s itinerary so interesting. He made Saudi Arabia his first stop, which no doubt greatly pleased the Saudi royal family. Then he flew from Riyadh directly to Tel Aviv, which no doubt made them furious.”

The president successfully completed this groundbreaking flight by landing in Israel on Monday at 12:22 p.m. local time. Having just penetrated one barrier, he hopes to do the same on this leg of his Middle East tour by somehow bridging the gap between Israelis and Palestinians.

“After two days in Riyadh, where the U.S. delegation signed multi-billion dollar defense and infrastructure deals and the president urged Muslim leaders to combat terrorism, Trump arrived at 12:22 p.m. to a considerably less gilded reception at Ben Gurion International Airport,” according to Bloomberg. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to force his cabinet ministers to attend. From there Trump was whisked by helicopter to Jerusalem to start a 28-hour visit heavy on symbolism and littered with political minefields.”

Trump expressed that his time in the Middle East so far has provided him with restored hope for this embattled area of the world and America’s relations with them. Netanyahu was optimistic but feels that peace process is a little further off, stating that he hopes “one day” an Israeli premier would be able to fly freely between his country and the Saudi capital as Trump was just able to do.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was quick to throw the towel on Trump’s optimism in the Middle East he thought he had achieved in the last 48 hours by telling reporters traveling with the president that “There is a moment in time here,” but that America wants to “manage our ambitions” on this trip, Bloomberg reports.

It says a lot already that Trump was able to literally fly through a firm barrier that has been in place for years, which Barack Obama was never able to do. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being bold enough to break tradition in order to pave the way for peace and others to follow his lead. That’s essentially what he did when he took off from Saudi Arabia and went directly to Israel without stopping. This isn’t an apology tour like what everyone’s used to.

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