BREAKING: 12 Hours After UK Terror Attack, Everyone Finds Out They’re Not Done – Look What’s Happening Now

The religion of peace struck again last night in Manchester, England, in a confirmed terror attack. Sadly, this deadly attack claimed the lives of at least 20 and injured over 50 people who were attending Ariana Grande concert. The left seems to hesitate in calling this a terror attack, but we all know it is. However, this tragedy that has claimed the lives of so many young people may not be over yet.

Here is terrifying footage of the chaos when the explosion happened.

A tweet was discovered shortly after the terror attack that clearly suggests they are not done. The account of where this tweet originated from has now been suspended, but thankfully someone was able to take a screenshot of the ominous message. 

These terrorists are not finished with their terrifying attacks and who knows where they will strike next. Of course, like I said previously the left and their brain dead followers are saying not to blame Islam, but I will. It has been confirmed in a recent report that ISIS has taken responsibility for the deadly explosion.  

Here is more on this from Daily Caller:

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the fatal bombing in Manchester, according to the Associated Press.

Two explosions at the Manchester Arena killed 22 people and injured around 50 others at an Ariana Grande concert Monday night. The bombs, which contained nails, were detonated by a suicide bomber.

The use of nails and screws are common with explosives used by jihadis.

“With guidance from Allah, … one of the soldiers of the Caliphate was able to place explosive devices amidst a gathering of Crusaders in the British city of Manchester,” the ISIS statement read, adding “What is coming is tougher and worse for the worshipers of the Cross and their helpers.”

ISIS claimed that the attack was revenge for “transgressions” against Muslims.

Pro-Islamic State accounts celebrated the bombing before ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Netizens on a pro-ISIS forum referred to the bombing as “a successful and surprising blow” against the U.K., calling it revenge for the country’s participation in the air strike in Iraq and Syria, reports SITE Director Rita Katz.

Pro-ISIS accounts instructed followers to “hunt your prey” prior to Monday’s deadly bombing in Manchester. The accounts reportedly provided information on key targets in the country.

This of course should come as no surprise since to anyone in the world. Just a couple weeks ago we reported here at Freedom Daily that Osama bin Laden’s son, Hamza Bin Laden, issued a terrifying threat. In this threat, Bin Laden’s spawn gives his loyal followers advice on how to take out infidels. “This is advice for anyone who intends to carry out a martyrdom operation, be perfect in your choice of targets, so that you may damage your enemies more. If you are able to pick a firearm, well and good; if not, the options are many.” Hamza Bin Laden also adds in the latest video, “Take lead in inflicting losses, attacking the jugular of the enemy and hitting its joints.”

Now, I am aware that ISIS and al Qaeda are two separate groups, but Bin Laden did suggest that the two groups work together with maximum impact. It is clear folks we are at war with these monsters in the Middle East, and they are not planning on stopping. For these cowards to attack a concert where young people attended and snuff their lives out shows how evil they are.

The left continues to push that these are isolated events, but we all know that is not the truth. These vile humans do not want to coexist with anyone that does not believe in their deadly religion. They will not stop with their bloody crusade until they dominate the entire world. And, this is exactly why we need to have extreme vetting in our country and to strengthen our borders. 

The bottom line is that there is evil in this world and it does not go away just because you don’t believe it. We are at war with radical Islam and it is time eradicate these cockroaches once and for all.

I pray for the victims of this terrible attack and for those that lost a loved one. I hope that this recent attack will open the eyes of the people in England finally, and they will realize who the real enemy is.

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