Ariana Grande Just Pissed Everyone Off With Sick Pictures She Just Posted After Concert Terror Attack

Earlier this week there was a horrific terrorist attack during an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. This attack perpetrated by an Islamic jihadist claimed the lives of 22 people and injured dozens more. Of course, we are all mourning the tragic loss of life that was stolen by the hands of this deranged Muslim. As people are still posting images of the victims, an image of Ariana Grande has surfaced that has pissed off everyone who has seen it. 

I have never been a fan of celebrities and just do not understand how people can worship these egomaniacs. Celebrities are used to being adored and worshiped by their fans no matter how terrible their behavior is. And, Ariana Grande is no exception to that rule. Ever since this little twit burst onto the scene she has ticked off people left and right. In 2015, Grande went on a three-minute rant caught on video saying how much she hated Americans. The fake redhead was at a donut shop with her boyfriend when Grande and her boyfriend began to act inappropriately. Although their shenanigans started out with just a bit of PDA (public display of affection), it quickly evolved into more. It was then that the singer began to lick the donuts before going on her angry tirade saying, “What the f–k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America.”

Here is the notorious video here

Of course, the backlash against the mediocre singer was immediate and she quickly apologized for her actions. One would think that she would have learned her lesson, but that is giving her way too much credit. Another story surfaced today about Ariana Grande wishing that her fans “would f***ing die.”

According to Freedom Daily:

An industry insider was with Grande inside of an elevator after a meet-and-greet with her fans in New York City, when Grande’s fake smile was suddenly transformed into an annoyed scowl. As soon as the elevator doors shut, she told those present in the elevator that she hoped her fans “would f***ing die.”

“She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator. And as soon as the doors shut she said, ‘I hope they all f***ing die,”‘ the insider stated.

Now Grande has gotten her wish, as 22 of her fans are now dead, as her unfortunate words are now coming back to bite her right in her spoiled little ass.

This isn’t the first time that Grande has shown such vile contempt towards her fans. She caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth when she decided to just walk out on a meet-and-greet in Australia, after becoming pissed off with how her fans were snapping pictures of her.

The diva also caused a “total nightmare” at an event for cancer in Los Angeles after fans lined up for hours paying $495 to have their photo taken with her, when Grande then decided she wasn’t in the mood for having her photo taken. At a freaking event FOR CANCER!

So, after all this terrible publicity she has made you would think that she would be extra careful, right? Well, again, that is giving this nitwit way too much credit.

Shortly, after the bombing, a photo began to circulate on social media showing Ariana Grande dirty and bloody. The photo quickly went viral with many people speculating that this was taken after the tragedy. But, guess what it is an old photo that was taken in 2015.

Here is more from Opposing Views:

A photo of Ariana Grande with blood on her face has been circulating online, with some believing the photo was taken after the Manchester attack.

At least 22 people have been confirmed dead after the explosion at her concert in Manchester on May 22, Mashable reported. A photo of the pop singer has been circulating, allegedly showing Ariana backstage after the concert.

The photo was shared by a few social media users who thought the photo was taken after the explosion because Ariana had blood on her face. But the image is not from the Manchester Arena.T

The picture was actually taken behind the scenes during filming for the Fox television show “Scream Queens” and posted on June 23, 2015, by celebrity gossip site Just Jared.

What makes this so appalling is that this egomaniac has not stepped forward and said that this was an old photo. Instead, she is allowing this photo to make its rounds all over social media in order to garner sympathy for herself. This woman is a disgrace as an artist, as a woman and most certainly does not have any sense of common decency. She has shown her utter hypocrisy and arrogance since this horrific tragedy took place on Monday night, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.




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