Melania Leaves In Middle Of Meeting With France’s Liberal First Lady – Here’s Stunning Reason Why

First Lady Melania Trump was in Brussels, Belgium yesterday where she had a planned meeting set up with France’s liberal First Lady Brigitte Macron. The two met at the Magritte Museum while President Trump was giving a verbal lashing to members of NATO not far away. Melania quickly left after posing for a photo with Mrs. Macron only to return a short while later. Now we know the stunning reason she departed in the middle of her meeting with Macron when it was immediately seen what she did when she returned.

The next stop on Melania’s itinerary that day after the museum was to join the NATO spouses at the Royal Castle of Laeken where they had all planned to meet Belgium’s Queen Mathilde. However, before arriving there and after leaving the museum, Melania made a quick detour before arriving at the castle where she perfectly upstaged Brigitte.

Melania decided to make a quick change ahead of meeting the queen and in doing so sent and incredible message with her appearance.

“While Brigitte, 64, and a few of the other women opted to leave on what they wore to the museum, Melania slipped on an off-the-shoulder, black lace gown and scrappy stiletto sandals before rejoining the rest of the group at the royal residence,” the Daily Mail reports.

Part of what makes Melania so beautiful isn’t just what she looks like on the outside, but who she is on the inside which is just as beautiful. Earlier in her jam-packed day in Brussles, she made time to stop in and visit with the children at Queen Fabiola Children’s Hospital. She put all of her attention on them, coloring with the kids, doing arts and crafts, and talking to each one individually on a personal basis.

The Daily Mail reports:

“The 47-year-old was all smiles as she took selfies with the children while presenting them with several gifts, including Dr. Seuss books and souvenirs from the White House.”

“Melania was presented a bouquet of paper flowers during her visit, and she happily gave one to each child before posing for photos with them.”

“For the visit, Melania was the picture of elegance in a leather suit, but her outfit didn’t stop her from joining the children in an arts and craft project.”

“Melania was photographed sitting down with the patients to make paper flowers together, and she carefully constructed a red flower for herself using tissue paper and a wooden skewer.”

This was a choice that was all hers to do and an incredible “habit” she has as she been to a hospital in every single location she’s been to recently. That alone proves how important this compassionate work is to her and not just a “photo op” as she’s been accused of. Michelle Obama went on rare occasion to children’s hosiptals when she was First Lady and it most certainly was a photo op for her since she almost seemed pained to be there. On the contrary, Melania makes it a priority and literally blesses these kids with her presense as she prays for them.

While it wasn’t intentional to upstage anyone, Melania does that naturally with the beauty she exudes which is certainly far more than skin deep.

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