Melania Just Got Out Of Car At G7 Summit And Shocks Everyone With What’s In Her Hand

As the President and First Lady’s whirlwind trip around the globe comes to an end, the couple landed back in Italy after having spent almost the entire day before in Brussels, Belgium. They’re in Taormina, Sicily for the next two days as they attend their first G7 Summit with other world leaders. However, when the presidential pair arrived, all attention was on Melania again as she exited the car and people saw what she had in her hand.

When she emerged from the car today outside the G7 Summit meeting she was not only wearing a stunning $51,000 floral jacket by famed designer Dolce And Gabbana who were one of the only fashion designers to stand up in her defense, but she was holding a special clutch by them as well. The exquisite accessory that coordinated with the jacket retails for $1,630 which being a Trump, she can certainly afford the pricey pair without making the American people pay for it.

As expected, the hateful media went after her with a vengeance over her choice in attire, namely the colorful jacket. It’s a humorous reaction given that Michelle Obama rarely looked like a respectable First Lady despite having a team of people dressing her and doing her hair and makeup. The leftist media was also silent when Michelle showed up in Italy this week wearing grossly inappropriate clothing for going to a Catholic cathedral with a staunch dress code. Her shirt selection was merely a couple pieces of cloth hanging off of her chest, held together by a few strings on her arm.

These sudden fashion critics reserved their commentary for our classy First Lady who departed from a black fashion trend on the trip for something more colorful. If there’s one person who is especially appreciative of Melania’s apparel choices it’s Gabbana himself who has every reason to share his excitement about it on social media.

As Melania was decked out to the nines, she upstaged her French counterpart once again within a 24 hour time period. France’s new First Lady Brigitte Macron opted for a far more casual appearance again, which was her style in Brussels while with Melania, this time wearing white skinny jeans and sandals. Melania just dresses her style in things she loves, not to outshine someone else, which seems to happen no matter what since she’s so stunning.

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