Melania Posed For Pic In Royal Residence And Everyone Immediately Noticed One Shocking Thing In It

The first lady and her stepdaughter were once again put in the news as if they were somehow pitted against each other for being brought on the same multi-national trip. At the risk of sounding overly feministic, I’d just like to point out that if it were the President’s adult son that were being brought along as an advisor, I’m pretty sure there’d be no talk of “who’s reply the President” it would just be a good growing and learning experience. However, they, of course, acted with as much class and grace as always and got along just smashingly.

Because of all these world leaders being in the same place at the same time, the first ladies of the countries got to go on some interesting tours. One of those tours was attended by a first spouse that wasn’t a lady at all. And that’s the buzz that’s taken over social media of late.

(Via CNN)

“What’s the first thing you noticed about this picture of political spouses and partners, other than Melania Trump’s continued mastery of the color black?

It’s probably the man in the back row, standing out against the nine women pictured. That’s Gauthier Destenay, the First Gentleman of Luxembourg and the husband of the world’s only acting openly gay prime minister.

Via E Online Latino (translation via Google translate)

“See how it marks an important milestone.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is currently taking place in Brussels, including countries such as the United States, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Great Britain, among others.

In the midst of debates on issues of global concern, a single protocol act has just been a milestone in history without the need for countries to reach agreement or sign a treaty.

This is the presence of Destenay Gauthier, the husband of the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel. Destenay, who takes the title of First Knight, thus becomes the first man to participate in this type of acts and be included in the group that was believed to be only women.

In the official photo of the summit that brings together the First Ladies, Gauthier posed with his colleagues, among whom were the first lady of Turkey, Emine Erdogan; First lady of France, Brigitte Trogneux and the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump.

Quickly, the image began to turn it into social networks, being recognized as an example of progress for the GLBT community and society in general.

Xavier Bettel was elected Prime Minister of Luxembourg in 2013. After two years in office, he married Gauthier. It was the first time that a marriage between an active European leader and a person of the same sex took place.

On one occasion, Xavier declared in a speech: ‘People do not consider whether someone is gay or not.’”

Gay rights in the United States has been a big issue in recent years especially with the supreme court legalizing gay marriage. While many people see this has an issue best sorted out between an individual and their own conscience, but the fact is that the government is now involved. And not only are they legalizing gay marriage, they’ve decided to give it preferential treatment with things like hate crime status.

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