Little Kim Jong-Un Just Woke Up To His Worst Nightmare In His Backyard – Look What Trump Just Sent

Jong-un has, in all probability, ramped up productions of missiles that could not only land some bad news on his neighbors but possible reach far enough to land on American soil. As a response to that real and ever present threat, President Trump has decided to take some preemptive action and make sure that we have some of our highly trained militaries in place, just in case there becomes a need to bat down one of these ill-fated missiles.

To that end, the United States Navy has been beefing up our presence in the area, and that is no doubt making the overgrown toddler that is the North Korean dictator nervous. I’m sure he would rather that we do what we’ve been doing for the last 8 years and just take it on the chin and let him get away with whatever he wants. Unfortunately for him, that’s not how we roll anymore.

Via Daily Mail:

“Trump’s armada finally arrives! Two giant US aircraft carriers in show of force off the coast of North Korea after President warned Kim Jong-un a month ago that warships were heading for the region – when one was actually in the Indian Ocean

Two US warships are carrying out a dramatic show of force close to North Korea’s borders in the wake of missile launches by despot Kim Jong-un.
The huge aircraft carriers, seen together for the first time, have joined with Japan’s maritime self defense force for drills in the Sea of Japan.

It comes days after the US Pacific Command reiterated its ‘ironclad commitment’ to protecting allies in South Korea in Japan following the launch of a short-range ballistic missile by Kim’s regime.

In April President Donald Trump declared that the US was sending an ‘armada’ to the Peninsula, in a statement which angered Pyongyang.
It subsequently emerged that the USS Carl Vinson, a key component in Trump’s fleet, was actually carrying out exercises with the Australian navy in the Indian Ocean thousands of miles away.

The error emerged after the US Navy posted an image of the aircraft carrier in the Sunda Strait.
Tensions are high in the Korean Peninsula, with the North this week accusing the US of conducting ‘a nuclear bomb dropping drill’.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has said he intends to work with the US to deter North Korea.
But China has urged restraint, calling on both sides not to engage in provocation.

The Carl Vinson has been on high alert since April after missile launches by the secretive state, and has already taken part in drills with South Korean navy ships in waters off the Peninsula.

It has now been joined by the USS Ronald Reagan, which is back in operation following maintenance last month.

Navy spokesman Lt. Loren Terry told VOA that the operations in international waters have been designed to train commanders to respond to ‘regional situations’.

He added: ‘This unique capability is one of many ways the U.S. Navy promotes security, stability and prosperity throughout the Indo-Asia-Pacific.’
It is the first time in decades that two aircraft carriers have carried out drills close to North Korea, the US Naval Institute states.

The United States currently has 28,500 troops stationed in South Korea.”

I’ve never personally run a dictatorship, but I’m pretty sure that if I woke up to that in my backyard it would scare me spitless. But, ya know, ticking off the world’s leading superpower can be bad for your health. Including, but not limited to, the inability to make a move without the most elite military in the world being poised to pounce on you as soon as they get the chance.

Sure, we could take the risk and assume that the unstable dictatorship will just keep it in the road for a few more years till Jong-un drops dead of a heart attack, but why not give him something to be nervous about. We feel safer, North Korea sees a light at the end of their Kim Jong-un tunnel. Everybody wins.

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Source: DailyMail



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