Trump Stops Gala Last Night To Make Shock Announcement Right After London Terror Attack

Last night President Trump and Melania Trump attended the Ford Theatre Gala. That is when Trump took the stage and made a statement that will surely ruffle liberals feathers. Instead, of Trump pushing the narrative that terrorism is caused by miscommunication and a lack of hugs, Trump promised to protect America. President Trump said during his speech that the “bloodshed must end.

Watch Trump’s BOLD move here.

Here is more from 100 Percent Fedup:

“PRESIDENT TRUMP and FIRST LADY MELANIA TRUMP attended the Ford’s Theatre Gala tonight. President Trump vowed to protect America from terror:
“We renew our resolve, stronger than ever before, to protect the United States and its allies from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life. And it has gone on too long. This bloodshed must end. This bloodshed will end.

As president I will do what is necessary is to prevent this threat from spreading to our shores, and work every single day to protect the safety and security of our country, our communities and our people.”

“The United States will do everything in its power to being those that are guilty to justice.”

President Trump spoke of Abraham Lincoln and Ford’s Theatre with heartfelt fondness.

Ford’s Theatre is administered and maintained by the National Park Service as a historic landmark, but it is also a working theater operated by the Ford’s Theatre Society. The gala is a fundraising event for the FTS, whose purpose is to secure private financing for much of the theater’s programming. It dates back to the Carter Administration.

Traditionally, the President has hosted a pre-gala reception at the White House. However, the Obamas chose not to attend in 2015 or 2016, citing the death of Beau Biden and “scheduling conflicts” as reasons. This led to a complete cancellation of last year’s gala.”

Here is more from Breitbart:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has claimed that London is one of, if not the safest, global city in the world according to Sky News reporter Sophy Ridge. Ridge tweeted earlier this morning a full quote from Khan which reads: “I’m reassured that we are one of the safest global cities in the world if not the safest global cities in the world.”

Khan reportedly claimed that terrorists “want to stop us enjoying the freedoms that we have..they want to stop us voting on Thursday…we can’t allow them to.”

This is just the approach that we need to take against radical Islam. The left continues to push that we need to coexist and understand these terrorists, but that could be further from the truth. There is no way that anyone can peacefully coexist with people that are screaming that they want to kill us.

It is about damn time that we have a leader in the White House that understands this threat and is fighting it. Trump needs us more than ever to continue helping him fight the good fight so that he can do his job. Even though Trump won the election we are still fighting for our very freedom from these progressive liberals and their insane policies.

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