Well, Well, Well, Look Who’s Been Busted In Disturbing Trump Assassination Plot, Inciting Others To Do It Too

In a contemporary twist on the Shakespeare classic Julius Caesar, which opened May 23 and will run until June 18 at Central Park’s Delacorte Theater located at 81 Central Park W, New York, NY 10023.

So-called “Artists” have sunk to a new low by taking it upon themselves to make the new Julius Caesar look like President Donald Trump.

Gregg Henry who is the main actor in the play bears a striking resemblance to President Trump in a business suit, red tie, and blonde hair. When he is brutally stabbed by Senators as he his giving a speech. And as if this wasn’t disturbing enough, his wife, Calpurnia, played by Tina Benko, speaks with a Slavic accent, not unlike that of the First Lady Melania Trump.

The play, if you can even call it that, goes as far as showing Caesar himself while tweeting from a bathtub.

One play attendee, Laura Shaeffer, called it “Shocking and Distasteful.” She went on to add that that if this would have been done to any other recent President this would have never flown. She Made it very clear she doesn’t love the President but since he is the president you just can’t assassinate him on stage.

And who is the main sponsor of this distasteful play you might ask? None other than the rag publication that is The New York Times, which is currently owned by the richest man in the world, the Mexican Carlos Slim.

vdare.com Reports:

The Main Stream Media`s normal lack of interest in Mexico, our southern neighbor, was briefly interrupted last week. There was a flurry of news reports that Bill Gates has been dethroned as the world`s richest man by a fellow with an improbable name: Carlos Slim Helú, the Mexican telephone monopolist.

After those six weeks of hearing from the MSM that Mexico was unutterably poor and that illegal immigration is the only hope Mexicans had, this Richest-Man-In-The-World-Is-Mexican story seemed a bit off-message. No wonder the press went right back to ignoring Mexico.

It`s not that there aren`t colorful, in fact downright lurid, stories to be covered south of the border. For example, have you ever heard of Jorge Hank Rhon, who in 2004 was elected mayor of the big border city of Tijuana? It`s as if Phil Spector was chosen mayor of San Diego. Known to his constituents as Genghis Hank, this demi-billionaire father of 18 children by four women has a private zoo holding 20,000 animals in sickening squalor.

Tijuana journalists who investigate Hank`s doings have a tendency to wind up with bullets in them. His bodyguard was convicted in one of the assassinations.

You might think that a hereditary plutocrat`s minion murdering a Mexican reporter a few miles across the border would interest American reporters.

And they might also find it interesting that Hank`s brother had been the primary shareholder in the controversial Laredo National Bank of Texas, whose CEO, Gary G. Jacobs, contributed $85,000 to George W. Bush`s two campaigns for governor…

But you would be wrong. The truth is that the American press tends to find Mexico an awkward combination of comic and depressing. Stir in political correctness about Mexican immigrants (“Will reporting on Mexico play into the hands of those evil immigration restrictionists?”), plus the modern media personality`s tendency to both admire and fear the ultra-rich (with good reason in this case: the Hank family sued the tiny Mexican-American muckraking magazine El Andar for $10 million for covering them), and it`s best just to drop the whole subject.

Thus there`s almost no important American voice calling repeatedly for reform in Mexico.

So, who is Carlos Slim? And why does he have $67.8 billion?

Slim isn`t an out-of-control maniac like Hank. The only scandals clinging to Slim`s name are business-political, not personal. He embodies the Mexican ruling class at its best.

Which still isn`t so hot.

Although not an innovator, Slim is a competent businessman and manager. He likely would have gotten rich in even the most honest country. He`s a bit like baseball slugger Barry Bonds, who was the best baseball player of the 1990s, even though he avoided steroids through the 1998 season. But once Bonds combined his natural gifts with performance-enhancing drugs, he quickly turned into the greatest hitter in history. Similarly, mix Slim`s financial skills with Mexico`s crony capitalism and you get the richest man in the world.

As New York Times correspondent Alan Riding wrote of Mexico in his 1984 bestseller Distant Neighbors: A Portrait of the Mexicans,

“Public life could be defined as the abuse of power to achieve wealth and the abuse of wealth to achieve power.” It`s worth examining how the master plays the game.

The Mexican-born son of a prosperous Lebanese Christian merchant originally named Yusef Salim Haddam, Slim made his big move in 1990 during President Carlos Salinas` corrupt privatization binge (which was enthusiastically endorsed by the elder President Bush). He bought the government`s telephone monopoly. Interestingly, Slim`s telephone monopoly was written into NAFTA, negotiated during Bush I, granting Slim a decade without foreign competition.

Ok, time for a wake-up call Scumbag Liberals. If this would have been done to your precious little man-child former President Barack Hussein Obama you would have raised bloody hell. This is not art and it’s not cool. We are a nation who has had to endure multiple Presidential assassinations and attempts. I don’t give a flying #### if you don’t like the president, deal with it, like people like myself dealt with 8 long and dark years under Barry Soetoro, who was clearly over his head since he had never held a real job in his entire life.

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