You Won’t Believe What Ivanka’s Little Girl Wants To Be When She Grows Up – Puts Obama Daughters To Shame

President Donald Trump’s granddaughter, Arabella Kushner, has made this whole nation very proud and showed what kind of upbringing the first family believes in.

The five-year-old took part in an activity at school where she was interviewed by her fellow classmates. And as always her extremely proud mother, First Daughter Ivanka Trump, shared her responses on Twitter and Instagram.

Her favorite nation is America and she wants to be a Marine when she grows up. How many 5-year-olds have you seen who say the same? This little girl really is extraordinary. It must just run in the family.

The Jerusalem Post Reports:

A testimony to the beauty of Shabbat came from an unlikely source – Ivanka Trump, the 35-year-old daughter of US president elect Donald Trump. She converted to Judaism seven years ago.

One of the attractions of Shabbat observance is encapsulated in a few statements by Ivanka Trump. To appreciate what she said, we have to understand from where she is coming.

When she was 27, Ivanka, raised Presbyterian, converted to Judaism in an Orthodox rabbinical court in New York. She took on observance of Shabbat, holidays and kashrut, and adopted the Hebrew name Yael. Last winter Donald Trump said, “I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened.”

Each guest received as a wedding favor a pair of slippers on which was written “Ivanka and Jared, what a pair” along with a birchon, a booklet containing the grace after meals, in Hebrew and English. The wedding was as generous as it was glamorous. The guests were encouraged to contribute to three charity organizations in lieu of gifts for the couple. Ivanka herself supports Jewish philanthropies such as Chabad, mikvaot (ritual baths) and United Hatzalah.

Ivanka and husband are Orthodox Sabbath and Jewish holiday observers. Her father got used to the fact that from dusk Friday until nightfall Saturday every week they were inaccessible by phone, SMS, or email. She disengages from the business world and is incommunicado for 25 hours, despite her being pivotal as an executive vice president in the Trump organization and having been a key campaigner in the presidential campaign. This in addition to her own jewelry and fashion business. On Saturdays she puts aside all these endeavors – Shabbat is more important.

Ivanka and Jared have three children: Arabella, who attends kindergarten at an Orthodox day school in Manhattan where they live, Joseph (3) and seven-month old Theodore who was born during his grandfather’s the presidential campaign.

In March 2015 Vogue journalist Jonathan van Meter interviewed Ivanka. She explained to the mostly non-Jewish readership what Shabbat observance means to her.

Ivanka [on becoming an Orthodox Jew]: “I always shied away from it being a public conversation because it’s such a personal thing… We’re pretty observant, more than some, less than others. I just feel like it’s such an intimate thing for us… It’s been such a great life decision for me. I am very modern, but I’m also a very traditional person, and I think that’s an interesting juxtaposition in how I was raised as well. I really find that with Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity.”

Jared Kushner: “Also the ritual for us having Sabbath.”

Ivanka: “We observe the Sabbath. From Friday to Saturday we don’t do anything but hang out with one another. We don’t make phone calls.”

Jared: “Ivanka’s such a type A. She just gets it done. But she said, ‘If we’re going to do Shabbos, I’m going to cook.’ She never cooked before in her life, and became a great cook. So for Friday, she’ll make dinner for just the two of us, and we turn our phones off for 25 hours. Putting aside the religious aspect of it; we live in such a fast-paced world.”

Ivanka: “It’s an amazing thing when you’re so connected, to really sign off. And for Arabella to know that she has me, undivided, one day a week? We don’t do anything except play with each other, hang out with one another, go on walks together. Pure family!”

Let’s contrast this little girl and her family, to what we had before.

In 2015 Melia Obama, former President Barack Hussein Obama’s elder daughter, made headlines when a personal photo of her wearing Brooklyn hip-hop collective Pro Era’s T-shirt was posted on the group’s Instagram. This particular rap group is heavily anti-police and raps about police brutality along with references to actually killing police officers.

This speaks peaks volumes about what she is hearing and being taught in the Obama household. Then again, what can we expect from the daughter of a woman who was only proud of her country when her own husband was nominated to run for president? And a man who said if his daughter gets pregnant he doesn’t want her to be punished for life with a baby.

To make matters even worse for Malia. She is now reported to have scored a gig interning for Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. In of all places with the self-professed child molester Lena Dunham, who has an HBO show.

We can all rest assured this gig was scored out of her own accord. Just like Crooked Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea scored her high paying gig at NBC. Where she didn’t last long and was said to be a prima donna with no brains by the majority of her co-workers.

I think it’s safe to say that Malia never wanted to be a Marin, nor that her favorite nation has ever been America.

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