Sick Rumor That Barron Is ‘Special Needs’ Starts After Liberals See What He Did While Stepping Off Air Force One

Barron Trump has been the brunt of jokes for liberals ever since Trump took office. These people are so vile and sick in the head that they actually take pleasure in tormenting a young child. It seems that every chance that these despots get they use it to mock Barron Trump.

Just to prove my point here is a quick rundown of what the left has said about Barron Trump.

1. Been called autistic in a public video

2. Mocked for his looks at the Inauguration

3. Called a “homeschool shooter”

4. Accused of animal mutilation 

5. Called a murderer 

And, while that is bad enough consider the recent debacle with Kathy Griffin and her beheading “joke”. After that photo went viral the media reported on it and showed the shocking image on television. Sadly, Barron Trump witnessed saw the photo on television which caused him to cry believing the image was real. Instead of these people apologizing for causing Barron such grief they chose to mock even more.

Which is why what happened to today really pisses me off. 

When Barron Trump stepped off Air Force One today he immediately made headlines. Photographers captured Barron wearing an amazing t-shirt that said “The Expert” on it, but that is not all. In his hands, Barron was playing with a fidget spinner which most kids have today and of course, the left attacked.

Here are some of the most disgusting posts.

But, that is not all they said. Social media users also advocating violence against Barron all because he is Trump’s son.

Here is more from Newsweek:

First kid Barron Trump and his mom finally moved into the White House to join President Donald Trump this weekend. And with them came Barron’s fidget spinner.

Barron, 11, was spotted exiting Air Force One on Sunday at Joint Base Andrews in Washington, D.C. Wearing a blue shirt proclaiming him “The Expert” and with a backpack in tow, Barron played with a red fidget spinner in his right hand as he walked.

The news lit up Twitter almost instantly. Some users complained that the gadget could have been bought with taxpayer dollars (even though Trump has donated his salary), but the majority applauded Barron for pulling off a true “Stars—They’re Just Like Us!” moment.

“OMG!!! Barron Trump has a fidget spinner just like every single boy in my daughter’s class!” CGTN-America correspondent Jim Spellman tweeted, adding: “It’s just interesting to see a president’s son playing [with] the same toy as my daughter!”

Fidget spinners have swept the nation in the past few months as kids everywhere have clamored to literally get their hands on the colorful three-pronged toys. Whether they actually achieve their intended purpose, of reducing anxiety and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is still up for debate, but their popularity is undeniable. YouTube is full of teens showing off fidget spinner tricks, fidget spinner apps have racked up more than 7 million downloads and fidget spinner artists now sell $250 custom pieces.

Of course, it hasn’t been all good news for the toys. Schools have come out en masse to ban the spinners, which can be distractions in the classroom. One-third of the 200 largest schools in the U.S. have prohibited students from having them, according to CBS News.

No word on whether Barron will be allowed to bring his to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School this fall.

What is really strange about this all is why is Barron Trump carrying a fidget spinner a big deal? Are these people that deserpate to attack this family that they need to look for problems?

Seeing this happen to Barron really pisses me off, not only as a parent but as a human being. This just goes to show you how far we have come in our society that we would rabidly attack a child. I get it the left does not like President Trump and you know what, they aren’t ever going to. But, for them to attack this innocent child is going way too far in my book. These waste’s of human flesh have the audacity to talk about love and tolerance but have not practiced what they preach.

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