Melania’s Father Steps Out Of Air Force One And Everyone Immediately Notices One Shocking Thing

If you’re a liberal, then this will be shocking to you. I’m talking about mind-blowing, controversial, Russian scandal, voter fraud, shenanigans and malarkey.

That’s right folks, this is shocking liberal news stemming from the most ridiculous nonsense you could find. Shocking to us, oh heck no. Shocking to a liberal who will turn this story into some sort of crazy fake news? Absolutely. You might see this on CNN one night, so watch out.

Ready for the shocking and most revealing info you’ll ever read?

Donald Trump and his step Daddy look alike. Almost. Barely. They resemble each other by means of their stature and clothing choice, but not much else. Of course, you’ll see this all over the news as some crazy shocking thing that you must read now or Russia will send a monkey to the moon with encrypted codes from Putin to Trump saying “sup bro” and “Rosie’s fat.”

Here’s the picture of Melania’s father, Viktor Knavs (left winger) and President Donald Trump.

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Oh I see it now! They’re wearing the same colored suit and tie. Oh my goodness, let me run this as a story everywhere and act like it’s breaking news. They both look a little robust up top and have floppy hair, but to say they look alike is a stretch. They look nothing alike whatsoever. Completely different face, skin tone, eyes, and everything. For one, Knavs looks like he brushes his hair in a way that makes sense. Trump looks like he puts his hair on in the morning like it’s a weave that balding Amber Rose would wear.

What happens if I swap their faces using Photoshop? Let’s find out.

See what I mean? They don’t look alike. Their skin tone is way different. One guy is an orange President and the other is a whitish communist. Big difference, but you’ll see a ton of websites act like they look like twins or brothers from another mother.



THE internet has met the father of US first lady Melania Trump and, well, they’ve noticed something.

Tech writer for Gizmodo Matt Novak posted a photo of Melania’s parents on Twitter this week and social media users where at pains to compare her dad, Viktor Knavs, to a certain someone.

Strolling off the president’s private plane, his stature, haircut, facial features and long red necktie were undeniably reminiscent of the Donald himself.

As people scrambled to post pictures of the two men side-by-side, the term “daddy issues” was more than a little over used.

One Twitter user even pointed out that Mr Trump and his father-in-law are close in age. Mr Knavs is 73 while Mr Trump turns 71 this week.



Ha! Little hands! Slav and Trump both have baby hand syndrome. Trump might have orange baby hands, but he’s still the President and that’s all that matters.

As of now, the only similarities I see are their stocky stature and baby hands. Other than that, if Slav walked by me in the food court at the mall, then I wouldn’t know who he was and I wouldn’t think “oh, that guy looks like President Trump” because he does not look like Trump at all.

But thanks to social media, people will try hard to find similarities and they simply won’t be there.

I know someone else who has a little hand, but that doesn’t mean he looks like Trump.

This guy has a little hand too. Does that mean he looks like Trump?

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