Trump’s FURIOUS – Team About To Make HUGE Move After Finding Nasty Surprise Comey Left At The FBI

President Trump stuck it to the Washington elites big time back in May, when he suddenly announced that he had fired James Comey as the FBI director. But apparently Comey had suspicions that Trump could be terminating him, so before he left the White House, he put a nasty trap in place for Trump and his entire administration, in a treasonous plot that is just now coming to light. But thankfully, Trump has now caught onto what Comey and his band of morons are planning, and has quickly assembled his team of experts to counter the BS that is brewing up at the White House.

The The Gateway Pundit reports that Comey already had a contingency plan in place in the event that Trump decided to get rid of him as the FBI director. This backup plan/dirty plot is now being currently executed by Andrew McCabe, who is serving as the temporary FBI director until Trump finds a permanent replacement. Now Comey and McCabe’s treasonous antics are coming to light today, proving just how far these nasty liberals are willing to go in order to remove President Trump from the White House with an impeachment.

In a bombshell revelation by Big League Politics, it was just revealed that McCabe is the ringleader behind the shady plot to bring obstruction charges against the president. Working alongside special prosecutor Robert Mueller and the sulking former FBI director James Comey, the trio is now actively plotting to take down Trump, with McCabe at the head of the special “investigation” into the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy.

An insider told Big Leage Politics that McCabe is the “key” player in this plot to get Trump impeached, and is “running the show” with efforts to manufacture evidence of a Russian-Trump collusion case against the president. Of course Comey and Mueller are actively in on this plot too, as the three of these Democrats are all close buddies.  Big Leage Politics reported:

Russia  special counsel Robert Mueller has formed a political team with his friend, fired FBI director James Comey, and the current FBI director Andrew McCabe to work together against President Donald Trump. But Mueller and Comey are not the ringleaders. Surprisingly, it’s McCabe.

“Mueller and McCabe are assembling a better political operation than Hillary had in the campaign. The trio of Mueller/McCabe and Comey are all creatures of the swamp,” the source explained. “Any Republican who thinks this isn’t a political operation and isn’t geared toward impacting 2018 and beyond is absolutely nuts.”

“I think McCabe is the most politically savvy given how he navigated the controversy with his wife’s campaign donations and the Clinton investigation,” the source continued.

McCabe took over when Comey got fired and quickly set up the team’s power play. McCabe said that Comey did not get fired from the FBI for performance issues. That sets up the premise for a potential obstruction of justice move by the McCabe-Mueller-Comey trio.

What is extremely chilling is just how shady McCabe truly is. Not only is he good buddies with Hillary Clinton, working as her little puppet, but he’s also good friends with Robert Mueller and the ousted James Comey as well. Now the these three clowns are the last remaining hope that Democrats have for impeaching Trump, as their Russia collusion conspiracy continues to reach epic proportions of ridiculousness at this point.

President Trump’s small inner circle has been continuously compromised by deep state operatives ever since he got into office, and even though he’s taken out the trash several times and fired leftover Obama officials, these rats are still managing to infiltrate his administration and cause massive chaos. Thank God he is fully awake to the treasonous plot that’s taking place his back at the White House, and hopefully he can get rid of Mueller and McCabe and finally drain the swamp once and for all.

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