Muslims Just Stormed Into A Florida Town Hall Demanding The…OMG — What Happened Will Shock You

A group of Muslims were offended by a Christian Cross, which was honoring veterans from the Vietnam War in the Town Hall of Longwood, Florida, so they tried to get it removed by whining about it.

The cross had the words “We will never forget their sacrifices” written across it. A cross that was placed in honor of our veterans, that died for our country and for the safety of these same people that are criticizing a small honor in their name.

Mayor Joe Durso however, has a different view on this matter.

“It’s a historical honor that was bestowed on those folks, so we believe it has every right to be in city hall,” said Durso

“We absolutely believe the cross should stay in City Hall. It was really a generous donation from a veteran who lives in the City of Longwood.” Durso stated.

Even though these so-called liberals do not understand the meaning of sacrifice, at least there is someone who does.

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