Obama Just Arrived In The Korean Peninsula And The Entire World Noticed The Disgusting Thing He Brought With Him

Obama has just ended a 10-day long vacation with his family in Indonesia. Obama grew up in Indonesia and it is arguable that his many of his moral values are originated from there.

Interestingly enough, Indonesia has good relations with North Korea, a topic that Obama was always very lenient with, coincidence? I don’t think so.

With both countries having pledged eternal friendship, one would think Obama, being that he is a former U.S President would keep a distance from himself from Indonesia’s President. If that is what you thought, you are wrong, Obama actually is so invested in that relationship, he spent an entire week playing golf with the man.

That’s why I find it extremely baffling that he had the nerve to take a day off from this vacation with his family to fly to South Korea, where he attempted to influence the World Stage as a “shadow-president” in direct violation of the Logan Act, might I remind you.

If you are wondering, what is the disgusting thing he brought with him, he brought a numerous amount of disgusting things and behaviors, the first one, is his wife, a woman that even though she no longer occupies the first lady position, still acts as a first lady when Obama is meeting other world leaders. The second thing is his Secret Service detail, a very expensive and cost inefficient program that he made sure to perpetuate before he left office. With those in mind, Obama costs the American taxpayers a ton of money, just so that he can keep traveling outside of the country and violating the Logan Act.

By traveling to the Korean Peninsula, Obama also perpetuated the promise of Trump no longer being president and is attempting to show the world that he is STILL the United States Head of State.

Obama decided to visit Seoul because Trump had previously met with South Korea’s president. Worried that his influence over South Korea had faded, he decided to make a visit to South Korea to ensure that he still had control over their President.

This is not only an act of Treason indicating he is fully undermining the sitting government as well as a violation towards the Logan Act.

The Logan Act states that no citizen should negotiate or make promises on behalf of the American Government. When Obama visits these countries, he gets treated as the President of The United States, and furthermore, he makes public promises and holds private conversations with world leaders, influencing the World Stage.

There is, however, one good thing about his visit to the Korean Peninsula, he has just committed his first 100% prosecutable offense, and as soon as he steps on U.S soil again, Jeff Beauregard Sessions III is going to prosecute Obama straight to prison, where he will stay for 20 years, costing the taxpayers no more than a normal inmate.

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