SPECIAL REPORT: Trump Removes Muslim Federal Judge For…OMG !!!

22nd Circuit Court of Appeals Justice Hansam al Alallawalahi-Smith made national news this week when he toppled a decision out of Dearborn, Michigan that permitted two basic and savage precepts of Sharia Law to be polished here in the United States.

The judge refered to Christmas as his insane answer in the matter of why the feds have the benefit to empower a man to brutalize his better half to talk with another man and to pound the life out of her nearly on the off chance that she by one means or another figured out how to catch up on her main impetuses. Those laws may be satisfactory to savages, however here in America, we have higher models.

President Trump used an old perspective and an official demand to remove al Allalawaralahali-Smith from the seat, refering to net lack of regard of his commitments and wanton expulsion for the United States Constitution. The Muslim can ask for a Congressional hearing if he so needs, however that will most likely fulfill nothing for him since he is the first and only individual ever to allow the religious principle from another culture oversee the country.



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