24-Hrs After Anti-Trump Miss America Pageant, Look What Happened To Black Contestant Who Defended Trump

If there’s one thing liberals are good at, it’s destroying all the things we used to enjoy as Americans. After successfully ruining football by hijacking it with their disgusting anti-American protests, liberals hijacked the 2018 Miss America pageant several nights ago, transforming it into a politically-charged event for the contestants to bash President Trump. After the winner was crowned after responding with the biggest “F you” of the night to  to President Trump, we’re now learning of the brave and amazing thing that Miss Missouri did, after refusing to bash her president to appease the liberal panel of judges — an act that would go on to cost her the crown.

The question and answer portion of the competition is a way for contestants around America to prove to the judges that they possess the necessary brains to represent our country, as holding the crown as Miss America requires quite a bit of public speaking as they tour America the following year. But his year, the Miss America winner was picked for her ability to bash President Trump the most, as the liberal panel of judges were obviously most interested in which contestant could parrot back liberal talking points, and mirror their own anti-Trump opinions.

Miss Texas would go on to rack up the points after she eluded that President Trump was a white supremacist, when asked for her opinion on the way that Trump handled the Charlottesville incident. But it was Miss North Dakota who would walk away with the 2018 Miss America crown, after sending President Trump the biggest “F you” of the night with her tirade about Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, a response that was predictably met with a thunderous applause.

Biggest Trump-basher of the night, Miss North Dakota, would go on to be crowned as Miss America 2018

As many conservatives watched on in horror, with many outraged viewers taking to social media saying they were disgusted at the event being transformed into a Trump-bashing event, the woman who destroyed her chances of winning was the outspoken Trump supporter from Missouri, who defiantly refused to bash her president in order to appease the liberal panel of judges.

Trump supporter and first runner up, Miss Missouri

When Miss Missouri took the stage, she could’ve easily followed suit and gone along the popular theme of the night which was to spew anti-Trump answers. Miss Missouri contestant Jennifer Davis was fed the following ridiculous question about Trump “colluding” with the Russians; the popular propaganda that the liberal media has been pushing for months.

Right now I’d have to say innocent because not enough information has been revealed,” Miss Missouri responded. “We are still investigating this and I think we should investigate it to its fullest extent, and if we do find the evidence that they have had collusion with then they should … the justice system should do their due diligence and they should be punished accordingly,” she concluded.

Obviously, Miss Missouri’s response was not what the panel of flaming liberals were wanting to hear, as they’d go on to hand the title of Miss America to Miss North Dakota, who had the most negative anti-Trump response of the night. Miss Missouri Jennifer Davis finished as first runner-up during Sunday night’s Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, coming in right behind Miss North Dakota.

Davis spoke of her loss, saying that she had no regrets:

“I knew what it was like to learn how to lose, basically. I think that’s a really big skill that you should have, is what it means to work really hard for something but it not being your time just yet,” Davis said.

It’s awesome to see a young person like Miss Missouri sticking to her convictions and speaking the truth, despite the fact that she knew that her unpopular answer would likely wind up costing her the crown. Kat from Freedom Daily put it perfectly when she said:

“These judges are obviously only interested in hearing their own opinions parroted back to them in the contestants’ voices. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it just would have been nice to actually hear their own opinion and not just a broken record of a high pitched voice re-counting the liberal agenda with good hair and perfect makeup. Then, maybe we would have had a show worth watching.”



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