Sneaky Obama Just Stabbed Trump In The Back With What He Secretly Did To Sheriff Joe Overnight

From the moment that Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, Obama has been obsessed with bringing Trump down, even buying a house 3 miles from the White House to serve as a headquarters for his shadow government. He’s tried on numerous occasions to take over as president, as he still craves the power and prestige that the office of the presidency gave him for the past 8 years. Now we’re learning of an Obama-led plot to sabotage Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after Obama’s sickening plot was just discovered overnight.


Several months ago, Sheriff Joe became a target of the left and was wrongfully convicted of “criminal contempt” by liberal District Judge Susan R. Bolton, who outrageously tried to claim the sheriff was committing a crime by detaining people based off their immigration status. Thankfully, President Trump stepped in a put a stop to that nonsense, pardoning the sheriff and stopping the 85-year-old from serving out a 6-month prison sentence for merely upholding the Constitution and federal law.

Obama was predictably livid over the news that the Sheriff Joe would soon be free to harass his precious illegals after Trump’s pardon, and quickly launched a decisive legal action to vacate the conviction. Now Obama’s minions are going after President Trump and Sheriff Joe with a vengeance, through Obama’s organization known as Protect Democracy.

The flaming liberals over on Occupy Democrats gleefully explained how Obama is working to reverse the pardon, idiotically claiming that Sheriff Joe are both “violating the Constitution.” Occupy Democrats reported:

“Protect Democracy claims in an amicus brief that Trump’s pardon is not legal in that Arpaio was not simply convicted of a crime, but of violating the Constitution,” Occupy Democrats whined. “As such, were Trump to pardon someone guilty of violating the Constitution, he would be violating his own presidential obligation to uphold the Constitution.”

“Protect Democracy argues that Trump’s pardon of Arpaio represents “a severe threat to our constitutional order” because it violates three elements of the Constitution: the due process clause of the Fifth Amendment, presidential pardon authority under the Constitution, and the separation of powers.”

It’s pretty hilarious that liberals suddenly care about a “a severe threat to our constitutional order,” which is their current claim about President Trump pardoning Sheriff Joe. The morons at Huffington Post went on:

“Trump may feel that he is above the law, but those determined to protect the sanctity of our Constitution and government are wholly prepared to fight this abhorrent and un-American move.

Liberals’ claim that President Trump is “violating the Constitution” by pardoning Sheriff Joe is absolutely preposterous. Sheriff Joe was merely upholding federal law by going after these illegals in the first place, but of course Obama and his minions will continue spewing the ridiculous narrative that both Trump and Sheriff Joe are “breaking the law.”

But what’s more amazing is the startling level of liberal hypocrisy over this, when you consider the long list of liberal mayors and governors currently violating both the Constitution and federal law by harboring illegals in their “sanctuary cities,” as these rabid liberal leaders continue to give Trump the middle finger and proclaim their intentions to keep protecting illegals from being deported.

Obama shows no intentions of relinquishing his “throne” as president quite yet, and this is yet another power move by Obama to make himself relevant again, after making his intentions known for a “political comeback” sometime this fall. While we had all hoped that Obama would drive his golf cart into the sunset never to be seen again, Obama’s antics over the past several months is just the beginning. More than ever we need to keep an eye on this cancerous tumor, as he is completely obsessed with bringing Trump down, and has the financial backing from globalists like George Soros to keep his little dream of destroying America alive.



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