Trump Just Made HUGE Announcement To Americans Immediately After London Terror Attack Overnight

The usually polite Brits are a bit hot under the collar today after comments made by the President sparked some controversy. The country is understandably stressed this morning as they have just suffered their 5th terrorist attack this year. An explosion went off inside a London public transportation “tube” early this morning, where at least 22 were injured. They’ve not yet released an official statement about the perpetrators of the crime, but the detonation and construction of the crude device appear to follow ISIS instruction manuals.

He’s obviously trying to make sure Americans know the problem is being dealt with, but people are saying that he released too much information.

According to Daily Mail, more than one person is concerned that Britain’s information isn’t safe with the President:

“Theresa May’s former adviser Nick Timothy reacted to Trump’s intervention by saying the president ‘doesn’t know’ anything: ‘This is so unhelpful from leader of our ally and intelligence partner’

Mr. Timothy tweeted: ‘True or not – and I’m sure he doesn’t know – this is so unhelpful from leader of our ally and intelligence partner.’

London Mayor Sadiq Khan – who has clashed publicly with Mr Trump before over London terrorism – told LBC today he had not seen the tweets but insisted the focus must be on allowing the police to get on with their job.

He said: ‘What is important is cool, calm heads are heard now.’

Theresa May's former adviser Nick Timothy reacted to Trump's intervention by saying the president 'doesn't know' anything: 'This is so unhelpful from leader of our ally and intelligence partner'

That seems a bit blunt, but Timothy is obviously just concerned with the well-being of his own country, as is the President, and they’re just disagreeing on the method that should take. An unbiased observer might see this as the President’s way of supporting Scottland Yard by showing his trust in the world-famous law enforcement organization.

However, since there is even the possibility of bad blood, the President assured everyone that he would make sure it got straightened out.

“Donald Trump today insisted he would call Theresa May ‘right now’ about the Parsons Green bombing after he sparked a new row over intelligence sharing.

The President claimed in a Twitter rant that Scotland Yard had the bomber ‘in the sights’ ahead of today’s attack – implying officers had a suspect before the explosion.

Both Mrs. May and the Met Police blasted Mr. Trump today for speculating about the fast-moving [sic] investigation. A backlash was growing as MPs told MailOnline the US must not undermine a crucial intelligence-sharing relationship.

The row is a revival of May’s damaging split between London and Washington when shared intelligence about the Manchester bombing was handed to US media.

After risking a new diplomatic row with Britain, Mr. Trump insisted he had been briefed on intelligence about the attack and said he would call Mrs. May. 

M. Trump’s initial Tweets came at almost exactly the same time as Met Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley gave an initial update on the attack in a TV statement.

Standard police procedure in the aftermath of any terror attack is to keep the identity of any suspects confidential. 

Theresa May (pictured in No 10 this afternoon) said any speculation was unhelpful when asked about the President's tweets on the Parsons Green attack  

Speaking from Downing Street after chairing a meeting of the Government’s emergency ‘Cobra’ committee, Mrs May said: ‘I never think it’s helpful for anybody to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation.’ 

A Met Police spokesman said: ‘The comments are unhelpful and pure speculation.

‘If anyone has got any evidence or information, please contact the anti-terrorism hotline.’”

It’s doubtful that the comments from the leader of another country would affect the actions of any citizen who might have information about a terrorist just hours after the country suffered a terrorist attack. Any implication otherwise displays a lack of respect for the people of your own country, not a transgression on the part of the President. However, it’s nice to know that the Met Police think that President Trump has so much sway over the people in his jurisdiction.

“‘The full focus must be on allowing the police and security services to do their job, and those responding at the scene to the emergency and tending to those injured.

‘Continual speculation and breaching of intelligence and security sharing by the US President has the potential to not only undermine a vital relationship, but also to prejudice investigations into this and other incidents.’”

The President did exactly what he was supposed to do; he offered his condolences, support and then moved on to assuring Americans that he wouldn’t let anything like that happen there if he could help it. The Brits have their panties in a wad because he showed faith in their police force, and gave Americans hope that we don’t have to worry when we travel on our own public Transporation. That’s his job, and we’re sorry if you don’t like it.
Trump added: 'Loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner. The internet is their main recruitment tool which we must cut off & use better!'

He’s not the most diplomatic person, but he’s dedicated to the protection of Americans and our allies. It’s what we hired him to do, and he’s doing his absolute best, under the constraints put on him by national law. There are bound to be some misunderstandings at a time when emotions are high,  but the President’s focus is on America whenever possible, and that’s a-OK with me.



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