Melania Suddenly Takes Podium In Front Of Military – Makes Stunning Announcement Before Trump Spoke

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump recently spoke in front of military families and soldiers in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. They took the opportunity to praise them for all their hard work during this tragedy. In a rare occurrence, the First Lady got up to speak and what she said enlightened the crowd.

During her speech, the First Lady said the following,

“Every child whose parent serves in our great military should be enormously proud because your mom or dad is a true American hero. In the wake of two devastating hurricanes, the world has witnessed your courage and compassion. And you have made every American proud.”

USA Newsflash reported the following,

She afterwards explained to the military personnel in her speech how she cherished her time with the kids, prior to expressing her support for Florida in the wake of Irma just hours earlier. First Lady Melania has once again set an example of how a true first lady should care and treat the people which risk their lives for our safety, as well as their children, who understand the sacrifice their parents make for our nation.”

The Daily Mail reported,

After delivering some rare remarks at a US Air Force event on Friday, First Lady Melania Trump proudly introduced her husband to the stage, no doubt hoping for a congratulatory kiss on the cheek. Instead, she was confronted with an awkward and stern handshake from the President who told her ‘thank you’ before ushering her off to the side, muttering: ‘You go and sit down now.’

Their interaction, deemed ‘bizarre’ for a husband and wife by some, took place at Joint Base Andrews on Friday afternoon. After spending some time at the Maryland base’s youth center with some of the kids of those serving, Melania took to the microphone to deliver one of her few short speeches since becoming First Lady. She spoke calmly and slowly to thank the servicemen and women of the Air Force, commending them on their ‘courage and compassion’ and promising that the American people has trust in their abilities.”

They tried depicting him as an aggressive husband by saying,

Trump, gazing off in to the distance as she spoke, said was about to take the stage for his own address which focused on the threat of North Korea and terrorism. Before his could begin, Melania, 47, smiled as she introduced him.’And know now, it’s my great pleasure to introduce my husband. The president of the United States, Donald Trump.’ Trump bounded on to the stage, extending his left hand out long before Melania had the chance to offer her cheek for a peck.”

The author continued,

“‘Good job!’ he mouthed emphatically, shaking his wife’s hand up and down as a row of servicemen and women stood behind them. Somewhat dumbfounded, she turned back to face the audience with a beaming smile fixed on her face. Then, with a slight pat on the back, Trump guided her off to the side of the stage.

The seemingly frosty and formal interaction caught glimpses from critics.’Ok. This is bizarre even for Trump! He shakes Melania’s hand after intro then gently but obviously pushes her aside.’Trump shakes Melania’s hand instead of kissing. Is this enough proof he has lost it?’ were some of the remarks on Twitter.

By far the most awkward husband/wife encounter I’ve ever witnessed was just now when Trump shook Melania’s hand at the podium. Hug her, dude!’Does Trump disgust Melania? Do you have friends who shake hands with their wives? ‘Melania looks bemused,’ one person quipped, while another said: ‘Awkward!? I say we all team and rescue the poor woman!

‘This was good but when she slapped his hand away was better. Note: she doesn’t reach up to kiss/ hug HIM either,’ another commentator said. After giving his own speech, the president flew to Bedminster, New Jersey, on board Air Force One with Ivanka, Jared Kushner and their three children. He brought some staff along, namely White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and National Security Adviser Dina Powell, but Melania stayed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. She will remain there for the weekend with their 11-year-old son Barron. Friday’s interaction was not the pair’s first awkward on-display encounter.”


This from a Politico article from May:

Melania Trump’s spent her first few months as first lady in New York, only rarely appearing in Washington or speaking at events. Yet friends and aides say she’s keeping a close watch from her gilded apartment in Trump Tower on how her husband is portrayed in the press — and that she’s growing increasingly worried about the anonymous sniping from West Wing staff.

Like President Donald Trump, these people said, Melania Trump is an avid consumer of cable news. She often tracks the news of the day and will alert her husband to stories she thinks make him look bad.

Her quiet role as private watchdog is at odds with her public persona. Melania Trump has been seen as generally aloof and removed from her husband’s political operation since he announced his campaign in 2015, but as his administration has been consumed by infighting and outside investigations, she’s grown increasingly vocal about the perceived shortcomings of staff surrounding the president.

“Melania loves the president unconditionally, definitely, she really cares about the president, she feels a kind of protection,” said her longtime friend and former modeling agent Paolo Zampolli, who introduced the couple in 1998. “The main concern to the president and the first lady is that these leaks are unacceptable.”

Aides and friends of the president describe Melania Trump as one of several people he calls at night to hear how the dysfunction in his White House is playing out beyond the Beltway, including billionaire businessmen Carl Icahn, Rupert Murdoch and Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy.

“She’s very private and she’s very smart. Anyone who thinks she’s a mannequin doesn’t get it,” said longtime Trump associate Roger Stone. “She has excellent instincts into who is trying to exploit their influence with him.”

Like Donald Trump, perception is key to Melania Trump. She visibly nudged the president to put his hand on his heart during the national anthem at the White House Easter Egg Roll in April.

“Mrs. Trump is being diligent and thoughtful, with a focus on quality and tradition, when it comes to her important role of first lady — both behind the scenes and in public,” said Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s communications director. ”She is staying true to herself, and she believes the American people deserve nothing less.”

On the campaign trail, Melania Trump made her preferences known and would tell aides when she thought stories or issues could be handled better. She weighed in on controversy when former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was accused of roughly handling a reporter. Former campaign aides say Trump took her opinion into account.

“She would consult with us, she would send me things. She was concerned when there was this ridiculous reaction to some of Trump’s statements,” said former campaign adviser Sam Nunberg. ”[Trump] would say to us, ‘Melania said this; well, Melania told me that.’”

Her decision to stay in New York, where 11-year-old Barron Trump is finishing the school year, has prompted widespread intrigue — but her allies are quick to point out that even Michelle Obama briefly considered delaying her move to Washington while their daughters finished school in Chicago after President Barack Obama was elected.

When are people just going to leave her alone and let her be? Melania has defended and been loyal to her family since the very beginning yet the mainstream liberal media constantly wants to depict her as in an abusive and unwanted marriage.

She has been an amazing First Lady which is obvious in her work with veterans, military personnel, and their family. Yet she is never given any credit for her accomplishments or they are brushed to the side.



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