Breaking: Congress Just Outlawed Obama’s Deep State

In what appeared to be a move towards returning our country on the right path, Congress sent an emergency bill to President Trump in order to outlaw former President Obama’s Deep State. After witnessing the outcome of the shadow government’s work and the terrible consequences throughout the whole country, Congress finally decided to put it down.

Obtained by National Insider Politics:

Once signed into law, any and all interference with the federal government as voted for by the people would constitute not only a crime but would be considered an act of sedition and war. The Republicans and our President are not going to sit idly by while a man who no longer holds office interferes in the governing of our country.

Jeff Derpinger, Director of the WHOIP, told Fox News that the bill would go into effect immediately and that Obama’s movements are already being monitored. The Deep State is finished in America. Let him go back to Kenya if he wants to pretend to be in charge.

Once signed, Obama will be under surveillance as long as he’s on American soil. Should he decide to leave the country and continue trying to have an influence over our laws, he could be charged with espionage and have his citizenship revoked.

Finally, someone has decided to do something about the traitor.



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