Liberal Rioters Just Destroyed Lincoln Memorial – Get Slapped With Nasty Surprise From Trump

Last weekend brought us racial tensions in spades. The white supremacists and neo-Nazis took a page out of the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA hand book and took to the streets to shout their racial slurs for all to hear. Of course, not to be out done, the other groups who felt their skin was in the game had to come out to meet the idiots on the other side of the issue and just make the whole problem worse.

This made for an eventful weekend, even if you were just watching it on the side lines. Since these were rational and rice wide issues, everyone’s local chapter of law breaking demonstrators had to get in on the fun. This happened very notably in Washington D.C. where some vandals thought it would be fun to deface the Lincoln memorial with some nasty words.

The events of the weekend aren’t anything to laugh about; there were 3 killed and many others injured, and the President came out in a strong show of force, displaying how unacceptable he finds these kinds of actions. President Trump made it very clear that he would be cracking down on any and all violent actions linked to the hatred that was spreading like wild fire over the weekend.

Obviously, the President isn’t all about listening to those who want to divide us. The opposite of being racist is when you treat a person based on actions and merit, regardless of their skin color. That means that the white people and black people alike who commit crimes will be prosecuted indiscriminately. That goes for those who deface our national monuments as well.

No doubt those who commit these crimes, both large and small, consider themselves the heroes of their cause; and maybe in some way they are, however, it’s in pursuit of a cause that will eventually break down our society, not build it up.



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