Trump’s Sec. of State Just FIRED EVERY Obama and Hillary Person At The State Department!!

Trump’s team is going to be cleaning up the CIA, FBI and NSA, but the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is starting with cleaning house at the State Department.

Many of the people who got fired were ‘big people working on the seventh floor. This tells us Trump doesn’t care about your position, he just cares about how you do your work and your work ethic.

The clean-up is being done at the White House because someone has been leaking information about presidents talks with world leaders and it has made us look like a bunch of idiots in the past.

The president is someone who is protected under many layers of secrecy and professionalism, so such leakage shouldn’t be happening. There is someone stabbing Trump in the back, so he needs to find out who and kick him right out the White House.



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